Is your kraken warrior released yet?


There are a few explanations for why this can happen.

  1. He is using an amazon/kindle device. They stopped supporting several of their game services which allows us to post updated leader board content from those older devices.

  2. They may have moved over to a new device which can also cause leader board data to be reported incorrectly when they upload from their new device.

No conspiracy or shady business as your post would like to insinuate. Just a plain case of feature deprecation of a 6 year old game.


That is an odd approach but fair question @YVRA_07.PH. My leaderboard stats have not changed because I have not checked them since January or February. I only play PvE when I need to earn my gold and crystals. It is quite simple actually… I hit my 3,000 hours goal played in Dungeon Quest and stopped checking. I have also changed to a new non-Amazon device.

I went to check leaderboard so my stats will update. Thank you for your respect.


Whoaah.,well its a legal question i guess sir. for it will be just one of our criteria in screening our members and it is the only few available to know at our end aside from purchased reciept(if seen with purchase items)we dont know the system beyond our xperience thats why we keep on asking whenever in for all to know and be cleared the confusion.its just sad that if a regular player get caught in suspicion theres no time for the explanation to be heard and just got just trying to be vocal and at the same time trying to find another ways in how to distnguish cheater so please dont always think that we are always insinuating bad about players in question.
One good example of that LF-resources method is EL MINERO having much dust on hand compare to his LF on leaderboards.,at the end wed like to say that help us to help you lessen the cheaters DQ.


Mistakes often happen,that is reality and when I am the one who has made the mistake (using your example of players who are flagged incorrectly) I resolve the problem on my end and get the player fixed. In almost 99% of the time a player can have the flag removed as quickly as it was placed.

If a player downloads a version of our game that has been “hacked” or lets their friend play their game who cheats while they are playing it, or mistakngly adds 4000000 hours of monster spawn boost, they will be removed from normal battle arena play. They can still play the other 95% of our game…for free…with all their ill gotten goods

Just because a player “feels” they have done nothing wrong, does not mean they have not taken extreme advantages over other players.

I “feel” that I am a very handsome guy, who is charming, whitty, and the life of the party…but none of those statements are based in reality (no matter how many infinity stones I have) :grin:


Ha ha now thats the humor.,it seems that you know enjoying life at all ei​:joy::joy::joy:.well thats good if its true.your correct sir because even a cheater can say "im a legit player"believing in thier own lies.wishing and hoping for the continous progress then.


@tdaniel maybe you need a better Infinity Stone Farm Build? :spy: :mag_right: :wine_glass: :rose: :mortar_board: :four_leaf_clover:
a player or mod flags another player, maybe writes a few words like ‘this doesn’t look right’, and the Dev’s will check it out. if the player or mod writes 5,000 words on what’s wrong, when 5-15 words will do, as a Forum member, I would kind of end up being annoyed if most of the post had nothing to do with what the problem is. if the person who was flagged or reported asks in a few words what is wrong in the Forums, or PM’s the Dev’s, that’s ok. if 5,000 words are written complaining or explainging, as a Forum member, I would kind of end up annoyed if most of the post had nothing to do with what the problem is. if a member of the Forums has something to say about another members post, keep your reply simple and polite as much as possible. sometimes a long explanation is needed for some questions or posts, and that is ok, but being rude, obnoxious, insensitive, impolite, disrespectful or anything else like that will give you unwanted attention from the Mod’s and Dev’s. now some people have poor communication and socializing skills, and that can irritate some people. even I have been corrected by the Mod’s for a joke that was insensitive and disrespectful, even though I didn’t think I was when I posted the joke. but thinking about it from the Mods perspective, I did go over a line I shouldn’t have, and I try to pay more attention to what I write and how it might be seen by others who are reading my posts. as an example, there are a lot of people who play DQ who have English as a second language, speak English very poorly, or don’t know English at all. they read the Forums just like the rest of us who Speak English, and they love playing DQ like the rest of us. when they want to ask other players in the Forums about the game, it isn’t easy for them to communicate sometimes. we need to respect them and not put down their poor English skills. some of them are using an online translation to ask their question, and sometimes words get mixed up. I have used a translator to see what some of the non-English posts say, so I understand how difficult communicating can be.
as you can see by the way I am writing, my grammar and writing skills aren’t the best, but I like DQ a lot, just like everyone else here, or we wouldn’t be on the DQ Forum. and for those of you who are annoyed that I wrote a long post, I am sorry, and will try to keep them a little shorter.


@Golem I agree. Poor English for a non English speaker equates to me being fluent in English (fine.As would be expected because I’m English ) . But i’m crap at other languages.


All forum members have the ability to flag posts deemed “rude, obnoxious, insensitive, impolite, disrespectful… And 99 other synonyms” etc. I am fairly certain most players can differentiate poor English vs the synonym list above.


I don’t know this kraken build (or maybe I know with another name), pls tell me


@luisfsk Post of my warrior back from Jul 2016. I have had the warrior in the image below before DQ Released PvP. As you can tell this warrior had high damage but low/mid HP. My Kracken warrior was my PvE hireling before I used the build in PvP. You started playing after I pushed out the Immortal craft and stopped using my warrior. I had changed the name of my warrior from Kracken to Aswang about 1 year ago.


I was looking at how some players belittle or look down on the posts of some players who know little English. so far what I have seen looks more like bad manners, but I haven’t seen anything really bad to the point I would flag it. I had a coworker that spoke English as a second language, but what I would consider poorly, or more accurately, a small English vocabulary. we were pretty good friends as coworkers go, but one time I jokingly made a comment about this, just having fun and meaning no harm. but she took it poorly, and explained how much my joke hurt her. she must have spent a lot of time translating a note to English. it made me realize that she valued our friendship a lot, and was taking her friendship less seriously than I should. also, I realized I was looking down on her because she didn’t speak English as well as I do. we ended up having a talk about this and our friendship was repaired. just like other players might not know English very well, I don’t know theirs at all. even if I want to help them with their questions, I have to do a Google translation, and hope the translations wasn’t mangled with what I got, and with my reply. I just need to respect their desire to learn more about DQ, just like I do. we all speak the language of having fun with a fun game like Dungeon Quest. maybe I should start flagging some of these posts in the future so we can be a more friendly and respectful sounding community of gamers? I guess we should ask ourselves, how would I feel if someone wrote a post like I wrote about someone else, was written about me? I have actually rewritten a few posts before I hit reply, because I realized it might not sound right and could cause a problem. besides, the one time I got a Mods attention for a joke in poor taste, it wasn’t a good feeling and made me want to be a better citizen of the DQ Forums. :sweat:


That’s a very good point of view @Golem Thank you for sharing. You show care and thought in your posts in the forum. As far as flagging a post, it is ok because we will go look at the post and make a determination. You and 99% of the other players in the forum are very respectful and considerate. We do have bad seeds who keep respawning and we need everyone’s help to keep them in check. Try to not let the bad seeds get you down and always show respect, even when someone does not deserve it. Bad seeds who get out of control in the forum will be handled by the forum moderators.

I just checked the forum stats earlier and there have been ~27K likes all time (~3.5yrs in this forum) and just in the past 30 days, there have been 2K likes. That’s ~10% likes given in just 30 days. We had tapatalk before we had this forum which is not counted in the stats. From my point of view, things are going very well for all players.


Have anyone seen @Juander 's ai aka z@matsu?. His not in div 1 or 2? I wonder where he went?:sweat_smile: