Items Craft

Hi guys, im here for ask about if its possibble create a purole weapon better in dmg and stats then green, or green weapons are better then others all, or it depends about ur gameplay thx

Green (eternal) items are great, but for the most part, you are stuck with the affixes that come with them. You can’t, for example, apply a mythic affix (like Sanctuary) to them, and in most cases, you can’t alter ANY affixes via crystals.

So mythic items (purple) can be modified with crystals to be exactly what you want, but eternals can’t. However, eternal items have much higher affix stats than any other item.

Mythic Items (Purple) are made by using a recipe of 4 Mythstones to make a Mythic Affix. there are only 2 Eternal Items in each Class that can be Crafted with a Mythic Affix, the Mythical Set Items. any other Item with 4 Sockets and the correct Mythstone Recipe can be made into a Mythic Item.

Eternal Items automatically have a +50% Item Quality and all Affixes have their values doubled, except for Crystal Affixes.

this is the only way Eternal Items can be Crafted :arrow_down:

one thing I didn’t mention in the Post above is that Eternal Items have a small random chance to be found with a Crystal Affix if there is already an Epic or Legend affix that is on the Crystal Affix List.

in certain builds, an Eternal Item or two could be an important part of the Build. but you can’t use most Crystals on them, which is what makes using Legend items better most of the time, as you can use all Crystals on them, except for using Quartz on the Seven Deadly Sins Set Items.

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