It's time for an auto-sell feature - on pickup instead of manually

And with auto-sell i mean automatically ID and sell epic and lower tier items and perhaps salvage or convert legend items ON PICKUP.

Between updates like the crafting rework from over a year ago that made obtaining high luck and %item find easier, updates like the hireling rework that allowed for even more luck and %item drop and challenge maps that have a chest that spews out a bunch of “low-tier” items at the end, inventory management has become a hassle to the point where I have to clear out my inventory more than once per map.

The legendex crafting system is a huge step towards removing inventory clutter, now it’s time for some QoL changes that help remove the tedium that is selling and converting items. Running out of inventory space every 3-4 mins is very annoying and should not be such a huge deal in an RPG or hack-n-slash type of game.

I would also be willing to pay for this feature since it’s very similar to the auto-map-reveal feature in a sense and would really make farming a lot less annoying.


I like this idea

I always wanted an autosell feature lol.

Auto sell or multiple salvage or convert that would be great

i prefer multi-selection for salvage, move and sell

I don’t know how involved it would be to set up another set of inventory filters to auto sell items but it is a great piece of feedback to keep in mind.

Maybe just make the imp sell what it picks up instead of converting it…just a thought.


That could work, as long as the imp sells at dealer prices. :slight_smile:

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well the imp “gotta take their cut”



Lol :smile: . Speedier imps would be cool though lol. I know they already pretty speedy but maybe even faster lmao. Or much higher reward from know so it can increase chances of legends, crystals, etc.

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What I had in mind was that the item doesn’t even go to the inventory but is instantly sold/salvaged once you walk over it

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What is a “imp” that you all talking about? I am not familiar with that expression.

an imp is one of the in game pets. They will pick up items (according to settings you provide) and will convert them to a new item (after it picks up five items from the ground)

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But i have to pay the conversion cost or the imp does it for free??


ohhh!! now i can convert items to crystals for free :astonished:

Not exactly… lol

Nope lmao. Converting means turning an item into higher rarity for imps . From magic pickups come a rare item.

However rare items and above, it’s usually another rare item spit out of the imp with a chance to be epic, legend, eternal, crystal legend, free gold, free crystals, etc. Not the same as actually converting Eternals though.

:cry: i was thinking this was a way to get more crystals for free.

Eh crystals are too easy now , especially thanks to dust to craft Eternals and then convert them.