It's time for an auto-sell feature - on pickup instead of manually

Yes and no. On one hand you get them more frequently, on the other hand you still need a ton to make new items unless you abuse up- and downloading.

i just need to get mainly zircon to start making my purple gear. The rest i almost have everything. :slight_smile:

You can’t abuse it anymore lmao. 3 hour download limit remember? It’s very much impossible to abuse the limit unless you root and even then, who would do that?

I’m not scummy enough to save scum with the abuse trick since crystals are literally too easy. I’m set for a lifetime of crystals XD!!!

I’ve never seen any game with such feature.

Wait they added a download limit? When did they do that? Haven’t played much since November of last year

Maybe we can set a settings on the imp which would go to sell, convert and salvage.

Or 5pcs of item = higher grade crystal since we can set a option for that and also put multiple salvage or move.

Just recently a few months ago. Just try uploading and downloading more than once, then it gives you a 3 hour limit before you can download again. Upload limit there is none of so you can upload a ton of times but you can download only once every 3 hours.

This 3 hour limit makes abusing crystals through the upload download abuse pretty much useless. The only people who could do it is by rooting and even then, not everyone knows how to do even that method.

Save scumming kept to a minimum which is great.

i have the minimum number of crystal less than 99 of each.

hardcore farmer detected



I have less that 99 of each that mean that i have 0 ruby and 0 of others :cry:


convert some eternal item for a get some ruby - obsi crystal

True. Well actually it’s Jasper to Obsidian but you get the point.

I got amber sometimes at eternal tho :frowning:

all nice infos


What’s your total playtime if I may ask?

About 5 months i think :confused: