It's time for an auto-sell feature - on pickup instead of manually


RNG still a good troll


RNG be nice to me too much lol. Maybe because I’m not as active as I one was? Although he did troll a lot too.


Troll !? What that mean??


Give me a bad or hard time getting things or giving me the wrong thing. Also internet troll is someone who genuinely enjoys giving people a hard time on the internet or so.


Cuz, does the discordance and fury can work together or I need other resource just to work with discordance??


i just give ideas and opinions nothing more.


You can only equip one resource mythic at a time. So only discordance. You can’t have Discordance + Fury.

Although if you talk about head mythics which almost act like resource mythics or aids, then you can combine Discordance + Harmony , Discordance + fleeting , Discordance + recover , etc.


just imagine equivalence + alchemy


Imagine that xD. Thankfully that doesn’t exist or isn’t possible. Also imagine Discordance + alchemy or Equivalence, etc.


That will boost your build to the next level. :joy::joy::joy:


It would be too good as well. No restrictions would be too powerful.


Powerful and unfair for the other players in the arena.


Not to mention most likely buggy.


Tnx for the tip and one more thing

How the adventurer mythic work, I mean u loot a 500k gold u get also a 500k exp, is that it??


Yeah something like that. However it really isn’t much experience in the grand scheme of things when it comes to Ascensions and you gain 500k exp from a single enemy or two killed with quest stones. Million exp is very easy and so is 2 million. The extra exp from adventure is there but the amount of exp required to really go in ascension is so much higher than any gold farming could help you get. Then there’s the trouble of adding Gold find % and making that maxed and item drops.

Adventure just isn’t worth it ATM.


Exactly this way, but you can easily notice it isn’t too much worth at high levels.


Just for leveling up faster, I guess


the difference it makes is so ninuscule it literally does not matter. We’re talking <1% here.


Yep I can agree .


sell all that can sell all in all 4 inventory in one click :heart_eyes: