It's time for an auto-sell feature - on pickup instead of manually


Well i imagined it more like how you pick up gold. You just walk over an item and its automatically turned into gold - without having to press any additional buttons.

Sell-all (and id-all, a feature than is pretty useless and could be removed) working for all four bags instead of just one would be a huge improvement too but just not quite as good as not having to worry about selling stuff ever again.


We’ll consider something like this for our next update, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


nice idea but i think imp pet is useless if that is happen :joy::joy: i need imp now :joy::joy:


Can u make all kind of pet be able to pick the loot pls? And probably change the imp skill to something else?
I felt like my non-picker/golddigger pets slowly become obsolete at higher floor, just another stat booster/gears-like. A forgotten guest in my party, a spectator in my boodfeast, a lodger in my house. Pls make all pet somewht useful for non-combat stuff while I’m doing all the slayin work :smiley:


Gold digger actually good with Adventurer set in high floor climbing and just really extra gold in gold farming whether you like it or not.

Fairy skill not really used all that much however but fairy does have heal . Even though HP is practically useless at high floor climbing and heal, there are probably small exceptions where a build benefits from a fairy heal to function better.

Maybe some form of alchemy build or so.


Yes cuzed, I mean picker/golddigger tht actually contribute lil bit. The rest are meh.

Exactly my point there. I’m not asking to change it however, consider the pickup skill as passive skill for all pet. They can keep their active skill, so it wont affect some build like u suggest. It still benefit the higher floor hunter by tht, win-win.

Edit: thts why I suggest to change imp’s active skill to something else if theyre going to consider this. Probably dig gears with grey to green possibility (scaled by pet rarity)?


do you know when imp picks items it won’t go to your inventory but it will be lost, don’t you?


I know that feeling. When imp drops item but you can’t get it because it’s stuck in a mountain.


mostly I am against this kind of upgrade, just think of what the bugs will do to your inventory, if there is a bug.
but to help out the Dev’s, put an on/off button next to the pick up toggle button. it will be for the auto sell feature. it will only auto sell the items you don’t want to pick up. the imps convert items ability has priority over the auto sell. you can’t sell and convert the same item. also, it shouldn’t affect locked items, as I see a lot of emails to the Dev’s to get items back that were lost to the auto sell feature. remember, crystal legend, eternal, and eternal crystal items fall under this category. these are items that every one wants.
just my thoughts on the subject.


I was also against this idea but good point.