Just reach floor 1k m3 this is my gear

My main: gear for farming is like cronos fortune bringer.
Edit:This is my rogue hireling DPs pvm build

Does explosion actually do noticeable damage?
I also like deadeye better than razored. Is bleed damage more useful for some reason I don’t know?
Also, when rolling these affixes did you buff the quality of the item? What’s your strat to get good numbers?

explotion = AoE. Crushing blow Chance to poke serounding Monster hp.
Bleed = DoT each Tick have chance to Crushing Blow.

any attack. even if it deal only 1 damage is counted. alot various attack at once increase the chance for u to deal crushing blow.

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This should help you understand crafting ^
But getting 25% item quality with item lvl at 100 will help you get near to perfect and perfect rerolls.

So that’s what ur running on ur hireling?

Yea, forgot to mention I use amber to replace sentry for stealth

Not a fan of permafrost? Post a vid :stuck_out_tongue:

No use for permanfrost since it only reduce damg taken and only give 50% icedamg at (5).
You know any phone app to record ?

I think it’s better than rage. You don’t really need the armor and the damage boost of crit dmg is pretty low. But that’s just me ^^.

I don’t know an app for recording though.

If I ever need permafrost I can just switch my pet :slight_smile:

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Guess I’m an endorser now. Lol.


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Aha thanks bud .


as you have mentioned that this is your farming gear, may I ask what is your luck, gold rate, item drop rate? I’m having difficulties reaching higher floors because of me trying to maintain the cap on those three farming stats so my items are not that strong for pve as it is mixed.

No need to maintain. Main toon: Furtune Bringer, Hireling: Any Build Full DPS (0% Luck/G.Find/I.Drop)


I see thanks for that, so the screenshot above is the equip of your rogue hireling while using warrior as main. I’m still to far for this xD I haven’t even completed my farming gear set yet. haha!

btw, is it better to main warrior for farming purposes? currently, my bow rogue is main then warrior is hireling with max luck then tank build w auto/taunt

Controlling the Farming build is more better. u can setup where to taunt and such thing… your hireling Life is in your hand lol. no taunt hireling die. u taunt hireling not die. unless skyfall hit his head lol.

Farming stats on a hireling doesnt apply . only on your main. You should use warrior main and switch rogue to hireling. Since you can controll the pace of the map with a warrior.

I see, yes, both of you have good points, and I really am planning to switch. The main reason I am staying with rouge main as of the moment is because of my Eternal glinting slicer with crystalline and +10 fortune and and an Eternal ring with +10 fortune and 124% gold find both for rouge. :< maybe I’ll try slowly changing my warrior items for farming then switch.

also, does crystal items drops easily past floor +350? it seems that with (5)Crystalline, I still don’t get any crystal item drops. it’s because I am still below 350

using (5) crystalline will help increase rarity of crystal drop. not increase crystal drop. for better/alot amount crystal drop. u need Item drop affix. i got 3 obsidian at floor 150-170 lol. OBSIDIAN DROPPED.!! lol. get hype

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Thanks for the clarification, I got confused on

(5) crystalline
+35.5% increased crystal drop rarity AND +250% increase chance to find Crystal Legends.

I thought that the +35.5% is from the Crystal rarity itself while the 250% is for the crystal legend item drops LOL