Just reach floor 1k m3 this is my gear

35.5% is increase chance for crystal drop to be rare crystal+
250% ia chance for legend item drop to be crystal legend.

I see, so it does help improve the chance at getting crystal legend xD thanks :))

I think you should put the video on the first page of the thread for easier viewing.

Forsho .

Huh? Isn’t it an average? :open_mouth:

I think farming gear on a hireling don’t apply. I read it from somewhere.
Edit: I just try it out, i put my farming toon on hireling and dps on main and I earn a lot less gold.

Hmm, well, official sources say the formula’s always been an average. Unless there’s been a recent change, this has always been the way DQ hirelings work.

Anecdotal evidence is likely a result of RNG :smiley:

@Primaeva you should test it out and let me know.

I would test it, or I could just go by what the Devs have stated >< the formula averages hireling item/gold/luck.

For a long time it’s stated the it’s the average of your main + hireling /2
So you needed Max Gold find, Max Luck, Max Item drop on both your characters
All Farming sets only works on your main,
I follow this rule.

Then It got a bit confusing on this topic as I can’t exactly say that the average number follows the cap rule.
That you can exceed the capped on your main so that you don’t need any luck, gold find, item drop on your hireling.

I’ll ask on the DQ Q and A to be sure.

The average and cap still work. but they is the last happen.

rhe reason why Fortune bringer is Main because it stuck with farming affix such as Mythical, crystalline nadroji eternalized, Luck G.Find and I.Drop can work on Hireling because the average. But if my main is DPS but having those farming affix. And the hireling is farming build. The dps ain’t go no where because leaking DPS. so the build is focus on 1 only. Main is full Farming hireling is full DPS. that rhe only way to get both at the same time.

For undersranding average and cap. this is the example

Fortune bringer Farming stat

Luck: 1050%
G.Find: 1150%
I.Drop: 350%

That is before averaging and cap and Map buff as steiger said map buff (Difficulty Extra Luck,G.Find)

So basicly the cap not implants yet as i said it the last thing ever happen.

So this is average
Luck: 550%
G.Find: 600%
I.Drop: 200%
(Hireling have 20 Heroic in Fortune give 50% Luck,G.Find and I.Drop)

Luck: 550%
G.Find: 600%
I.Drop: 200%

That is when average happen. But the cap still not happen yet. It happen last.
So let say i play in M.3 Difficulty, it give 350% Luck and G.Find. Now just right after the buff implant then the cap happen
Luck: 550% + 350% = 900% [Cap 650%] So basicly i waste 250% Luck coz it not count. so do the other farming affix eth.

@Emman @VicBot @Primaeva ohh and @Saintwave @Saintwave @Saintwave @Saintwave

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So would those stats carry on over to hireling stats and show on hireling stat page?

The stat Show thing not work properly. Steiger already tell the intel on how average and cap happen. Brain need to work buddy. lol

Was just making sure lol

Lol. Should come with plan before making thing. haha

My farming build right I’m just short 50 points on main/hireling for item drop %.
And I still need to find a reagular crystalline hammer.
Thanks for the help bud.

haha grind like hell~ Op build lies in how long u been farming.

Remember I converted my extras hammer.
I was getting them so often when I didn’t need it. But now I do and it seem like they are no where to be found lol.

Ik man. thing harder when we need it. get trolled by god

Yea lol my havenly father please have mercy on us!