Kill Enslaver Feat Bug

Occasionally the feat stat gets stuck. Right now I can go to the codex and see that I’m at 35/38 on Slay Enslavers, and 3/8 on Slay Legend Enslavers. Then I go and kill 10 more, and the feat stats stay the same. This is frustrating to say the least.

I get that Eternal Pets are supposed to be rare, but this bug really annoys me. I’m on floor 1865, and I only have ONE Eternal Pet, although I do consider myself lucky that it’s a good one :slight_smile:

Anyone else notice this or have an idea on how to get around it? It seems totally random as far as which Enslaver killed counts towards the feat.


that’s a good catch on your part @CPTcman . and that is a nice pet.

here is a thread for farming Eternal Pets. there is an update for 3.0 later in the thread. this build info increases the chance an Enslaver will drop an Eternal Pet instead of something else, even if it is a small chance. which means a chance for an Eternal Pet other than waiting to finish the Mythic Enslaver Feat.

on a side note, I have been playing for 2+ years, and have only found 2 Eternal Pets so far, and they are not as good as yours. and both are rewards from the Mythic Enslaver Feat.


Very nice pet :heart_eyes:

Thanks for this Golem, I read it through. I guess I’ll have to put my Eternal/Nadroji gear back in action, although it seems to me that it would only make a small difference.

I love my current Seven Deadly Sins farm build, but I really, really want that Pet to complete the set!


Me and @Golem have both found Merlin. @CPTcman yes definitely dig out your old Nadroji and internalized gear. Go hunting Merlin at mythic 3 501. Buy lots of maps at that level to fall back on. Don’t climb too high because it just gets harder and takes longer. When the maps start getting too hard just open up another one at floor 501. Save legend maps until your close to completing an enslaver quest in codex. If you find the pet you could try pet and 5 other deadly sins items plus 1 epiphany ? Hmmmm now that may work :thinking:

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@dickwad Epiphany (1) would suck that way. affixes would be increased +25% from SDS (5) and the Cap would only be raised +5% with Epiphany. as you know, you either go all out with 6-7 SDS Build, or do something else.

@CPTcman you should keep your SDS Farm Build for Farming, and just make the Eternal Pet Farming Build specifically for getting the Legend & Eternal Pets you want or need for your future Builds. as far as using Double Nadroji Bonus, even I have seen a difference in the number of Enslavers versus using only 1 Bonus or none. I think @Mr_Scooty just uses it on a lower difficulty level so that he can find the Enslaver faster with less worry of getting killed on the way. and whether you use any Nadroji Bonus or not, if you at least have Eternal Set (5-8) with high Luck and ignore everything on map except for Enslaver, you can still speed up your chances of getting the Pets you are looking for.

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Thanks guys, I started doing speed runs on 500-700 M3 for a couple hours last night (my SDS wizard has no problems until floor 1200 or so), and I was able to slay a good dozen Enslavers, of which 10 were counted towards the feat.

Unfortunately, I burned through most of my obsidian and rubies tweaking this build and will need to wait a bit before I can optimize my Eternal/Nadroji build. At the rate I’m going though, I should have a good stock of them before I near completion of the feat.

Thanks again for all the help!


when I was Ascending my Wizard to Eternal Order of Toons, my focus was on getting lots of experience. as I got the Perks, my loot got better and I was able to improve my Ascending Build. by the time I was done Ascending, I had lots of Crystals & Myth Stones to work with.

even when I am only speed climbing floors, I can get quite a bit of loot just from the Cartographer.

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Well, it’s not the best Eternal Pet in the world, but I guess they can’t all be winners:

Also, finally completed the SDS set:

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The pet could be very useful

PVP maybe?

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Yes pvp on the right build :sunglasses:

These are the eternal pets I haven’t converted

and finally

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I love the eternal rain pet :joy:

The Eternal Fauna looks nice too!

Now, if I could only get that Eternal Merlin’s Imp…

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How about when it says you got a legend fairy but then when you look in your inventory it is an imp or a legend slime instead. Does anyone have the same bug as mine? Is it a common bug?

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from what I know, that bug has been around for awhile, but it doesn’t happen very often. if you really wanted a Legend Fairy, PM one of the Developers and see if there is something they can do about it. otherwise, just keep farming and wait for the next Legend Fairy to drop.

Dropped this guy last night:

On a side note, I also spent over 2000 Saphires crafting two legend pets for my PVP toons…and still trying to get one last affix right :confused:

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Pet looks good if you have plagued bonus off hand. Or if your using equality set affix. The more your mp and hp are equal then the more damage you do. It would be good on a regen build and also any build that causes bleed. Nice pet.