Lanth's Infernal Hybrid Build (Rogue) : PvE or PvP


Lanth’s Infernal Hybrid Build (Rogue) : PvE or PvP

This build is somehow easy to made ( I farmed this for around 5 days * school days* )

As the title says, this is a hybrid build. Which means that this is not the best build (compare to full build) for PvP and PvE.

Suggestions : If you want to make it full PvE build, Try using Frozen + Permafrost affix.

Best Build for rogue

Nice build


Useful for beginners?? What beginners will have the crystals to do that or come across such rare legends lol


Beginning to create/customize their own build.


Finally somewhere worth posting :innocent:… Shame its rogue but im bored out of my mind :smile:
Basically your a ranged fighter since you use bow, so do you need HP? And id recormend on amulet and ring, changing the +20% ED for +2All sets for a total of +8 inferno (id recommend less and using say vamperic touch and adding bleed damge into the build) substantially increasing damage.
Also on the other gear change the HP/ED% into blistering to increase damage even further.

Also test other sources of damage to increase damage further… This is a good method for higher quantities of damage and how good players deal millions>billions>trillions of damage… And if your higher in the scale of trillions then congratulations! You broke the game :joy::joy:


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll farm for more crystals. (Wish me luck :smile: )

I have a question, is vampiric touch + 1000hp per hit compatible? or does it stack?

So, I will push my damage instead of hp? thanks ^^


It will work. Vamp touch only affects HP Regen.


So is it efficient to use vampiric touch on my build? :question:


I think it’s nice to add it… The +2 set on both amulet and ring is really a game changer if you plan on using multiple set affix. :smile:


Will the 50% WD and 100% WD on the bow work simultaneously? I thought if both of them are on an item, only the less percentage one works


They both work, but thats only the mythstone and legend affix, you cant have a legend and epic affix of the same thing on one piece of gear


up. Is this build still worth? ( I left the game for almost a year ago )


Pvp has progressed too much for this… but it should still be alright to get you through the early stages of the game until you can get two elixer mythstones


ey teacup! I missed you lol. Can you quote some late game build for rogue here? Thanks in advance!


Have you tried adding an elixer to you ring/amulet? Idk if replacing that with one of the fire damages/percents would decrease the damage


I spent 10 years on diablo 2 doing hybrid builds and now I’m doing the same here with my Chimera build. Your build is nice. I shall pinch a few ideas


Sorry for late reply, been a busy day… first off i spend most of my time on discord for the instant notifications to my phones lock screen:
DQ Discord Group

Next, here are some old builds which sould still work with some tweaking:


My rogue build. Its not exactly rogue as its more rogue using a wizard skill and discordance for best results.

The build would have been around since I first thought of this since patch 2.2 but it took me a bit to make it into reality so it came a bit later but its still a good build. More OP now. I did base it off wizard versions but used rogue advantages for discordance orb.


I still think you should have made that as a wizard and followed similar to cronos warrior, would have made frozen more nuclear…


Yeah but the rogue dealt way more DMG and my dream rogue discordance chakram build finally done.

Way more MH than the wizard even without timewarp , affected by mutilate for extra attack and multi attack discordance , other rogue advantages , etc.

The frozen is pretty darn nuclear and Double Strike is OP with frozen also. I remember exploiting it with arcanist before the arcanist toned down. Feels good to deal so much DMG and basically feel good.