Lanth's List of Gameplay & Add-ons Suggestions

My Feature Suggestions List :

Account Rename (Suggested already. Follow this link to get into that thread : Suggestions)

Account rename, not character/hero rename

Character Reset/Rebirth (Suggested already. Follow this link to get into that thread : Suggestion Rebirth)

I guess it will be better if there is a character rebirth. Once you maxed out your character level (which is level 99), you can reset/rebirth it while still having its stats and is able to get more stats.

Note : Added to 2.1 version. Thanks devs!

Gender Selection

I guess it will be better if we will be having female warrior, female wizard and male rogue. (It is awesome that a female character is pawning male character in the PvP arena :smile:

Marketplace/Trades (Suggested already, Follow this link to get into that thread : Feature Suggestion : Marketplace)

I do not agree with this suggestion because it may ruin the game. Most of us are aware that there are a lot of modders/hackers in the game. Having a market system/trading system may cause item imbalance.

Badge/Title System

It would be cooler if your character has a title on it, like :
[PvP Champion] your hero name
[Boss Hunter] your hero name

And each title have a corresponding perks.

Fashion Skins

Imagine your character wearing fancy suits like student outfit, boxing attire, fairy outfit, casual dress and etc.

Working Wings

Flying. That’s it.

Golden Items
Who wants to have a golden Vacuus Scipio? Golden Items should have a special effect on it.

Thanks for reading :smile:
It’s my opinion only




Devs added character reset! Thanks devs! :heart_eyes:

How about guild or league system? xD

Oh cool.

There is a sort of league system, guiils might be a good idea… i think i mentioned an idea of being able ti borrow a friends toon as an ally when clearing floor similer to how the pvp works but as a pve feature, dont think theyre planning to follow that through :sweat_smile:

I like the badge title & gender selection ideas from the original post. I like going solo, to see how good I can do, but I know there are a lot of players who like doing guild and/or league teamwork/events.
to be honest, I like the game the way it is: simple yet deep, fun but frustrating, easy and complicated.
I think what sets this game apart from a lot of other games is all the things the other games have that people want in this game. but I think that is what makes this game so fun to play. it is focused on the fun part without all the other distractions.
it is focused on dungeon crawling and arena combat. I guess if someone really wants all of the other stuff the other games have, play this game 5 days a week, and the other game 2 days a week. :smirk:


Well thought out list. Pretty much all the things in that list is what I was wishing for as well .