What is ehp? I really dont know. But i am here. Anyone teach me i need to get top more


Effective HP. You somehow managed to get 5 trillion HP lmao. How does that work. Maybe it’s a huge HP PvP build that was used in campaign for leaderboard and it just somehow happened to be registered as 5 trillion HP. Maybe it isn’t that high but leaderboard thinks it is.


Hp i only hav 16m 85k total resistant 490k armor .while trying to make new build then i check all ranking and leaderboard then ifound myself


Lol No wonder. Somehow the game thinks you have 5 trillion effective HP.


Wow finally i got it! Floor 2 is the reason . i only hav 99.8 total reduced dmg on floor 200 then i switch to floor 2 .if u try to switch on floor 2 the total reduce dmg becme 100%


Oh ok.


Im on top 6 on ehp. I dont know how i just keep playing ang building items.


No idea either. Meanwhile im on extremely low because it actually calculate my EHP properly. Or maybe not.

I once reached 4M EHP but leaderboard got rid of it and replaced with 440k EHP.


Haha. U r one of the old/pionner players hir :sweat_smile: .


Nyahahaha XD why would i be there in the leaderboards its like i just play and day and night farming and building items.


Im farming and building an items that beat up some of the warrior build in eternal leagues.


Haha about arena bro. Im not active . i just want to wrte my name on campaign leaderboard bfore i quit this game . too tired killing ais . i give u mission try to reach 0% on arena . like wat i did before. :grin: 1v1 and 2v2. :grin:


Yes to 0% but Go for 2700 points 1v1 and 2000 2v2!!


From Zero to Hero. Hero being the no1.


Haha !yes im done with it . :grinning: i can make it again and again . :sunglasses:


You will know all the cheater here! Hahha no ones get on floor 2billion hhahahah


Why devs don’t reset this ranking its very obvious that they all modified to get this ranking. Hahhahaha all the old plyers know that we have a billion dmg build but we don’t get this very very very high dps hahah how they get that. Its Magic


I would agree with that. 100%.


Yes. But speaking of leaderboard u can find some legit players/hardcore on legends found. Coz a cheater never try to loot thousands of legend like we do coz they hav toons of gold and ms/cs .


Good job! 2001. Haha