on a whim, decided to look at my leaderboard placement, as I have been playing like crazy the last few months to Ascend. at first I didn’t understand why my rankings were so good, and then I realized that the leaderboards have been reset. last time I checked a bunch of months ago, all my rankings were 9999, or something like that. will check Monday again to see how far I have dropped.


Yep. I had my moment of glory for a short time! My hardcore efforts paid off in the end when leaderboard reset which is cool.


i got nearly to the top too​:joy::joy: specially to hero points… because it was reset and the inactive players didnt have the time to update their leaderboard standing​:grin:


oh well but i did it​:joy::joy: thats what the leaderboard give


Currently the only leaderboards that are somewhat tamper proof are the Google Play: Games leaderboards and the amazon game circle leaderboards.

We don’t have anything in place to stop inflated leaderboard scores from being uploaded to our self hosted leaderboards.


My position on leaderboards was great before I deleted my rogue :cry:


Finally 1st in something


haha, I must have been one of the early ones to check the leaderboards. I was like first in 4 and top 10 in 3 others, and now that more people have logged in, I am back where I was. can’t wait to check tomorrow.


well, my rankings are back where I am used to them, but now that I am playing more, starting to move up. did notice that some of the people who have scores with 50+ zero’s on them are back. I’ll just use my ability to use subtraction to figure out what my ranking really is. :wink: