Level 79 Wizard needing help [Closed]

Well I’m a level 79 Wizard. Trying to farm to get good stuff so I can move to the arena. I’ve been trying to find a build and what I should use and what I shouldn’t Please Help

If your trying to lvl up I’d recomend the aftermath set espicaly if your wizard is your hireling. The AI will spam meteors and not miss and trust me the term spaming doesn’t do it justice lol espicaly with meteor proc.

This is my main. I don’t have real money to spend. I only have one char sadly. And where should my hero points go to level and farm? (Obviously meteor but what else? And thank you for helping.

Well if your going with aftermath set build up meteor up first and try and get 20 in shatter they complament each other. But deffenitly 20 in fortune. I’m still a green horn myself but I’m glad to help out anyway I can

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@Stravix the following link should help tremendously to level your character.

IMHO if you are wanting to farm gear to create a PvP build, you will 1st need to level your character & then hike floors so that level specific gear will drop. Your Legendex will show you level & difficulty specific gear.

Since you have one character I agree w @Zombikiss that aftermath is a good early build since all 4 items can drop at floor 40+. Meteor was recently nerfed but it is still a good way to get bang for your buck needing to kill mobs quickly. Try to get a Nadrogi amulet by farming epic+ nme at floor 100+. Best way to farm Nadrogi is crafting a Hunter ring (rebirth flight quest fortune) & using it on shrines so that epic nme is generated. Until u find Nadrogi, Astral Vindication is a decent ammy & drops at floor 100. Astral Communion for head is good early option, or you could go with Wanderers Cap for speed & exp.

Here’s the aftermath build I used to get my 1st wizard started. It even has a farm build variation. Don’t worry about some of the gear having obsidian affixes (unless u already have some obsidian to use), just max out meteor skill to 40. Also max weapon damage on both the MH & OH. Then bombs away!


In my opinion I disagree my wizard hireling can clear m3 floors easily even with just 1hp. I’m curently on floor 689 and climbing. 100% glass cannon plus 50% push the limit plus difiant makes for easy kills. A word of the wise if your using meteors ALWAYS use poision.


I found a nice build thanks to @Skaul . thank you all for the help!

Regarding my meteor comment, I should have clarified I was referring to the 2.3 patch note, “Dropping shatter and enigma’s crater damage to 25%”

I also used an aftermath build & hiked to 1000 but after the introduction of Arcanist gear in the last patch I switched to barrage/time warp & love it! Now my wiz can fly through M3 500 for easy crystal farming & hiked to Floor 1000 to farm the new gear. I use the Wiz as hireling kited to a Warrior with 700% eternalized & maxed on luck/gold. Been tons of fun. Get an eternal about every 5-6 runs. Now I’m farming eternal pets, since after 6 months of playing I have…none.

But since Stravix is just starting out, obtaining Arcanist gear at M3 floor 800 isn’t on the menu yet. I agree that aftermath is a great 1st build and is still very useful even after the recent changes. My only issue with aftermath was how it eats up FPS. Really slowed my iPad :grimacing:

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True. I’m on a crappy Android. It really gets me lagging. I’d like to have an easy build for farming I’m using a pure +luck +item find +gold find build. I have all skullshield skulldraga maxed with a gauntlet to ease the groups. I got about I think 500% item luxk and gold drop average.

I just need some eternal% items. I have 2 Eternals both from PvP. A sword and gauntlet

@Stravix can you post images of your gear & we can try to help. Happy hunting!

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I got alot of legendaries. Want me to just tell you what they are? Because it’ll be alot of pictures. If you want I’ll still send pics.

If you can, just post images of the 6 gear. Don’t need pet or trophy. We need to see the affixes. Btw, what floor have you reached? How many ruby, amethyst, & obsidian do you have?


Here’s my red nd greens

Excellent, thanks! What is the highest floor you have reached?

181 mythic 1

Ok, been looking over the pics u sent. IMO the 1st thing you need to do is farm crystals. Word on the street is crystal farming is best at floors 161-165 for new characters. I’ve tried it and got good results. The best crystal farming is at floor 500 for future reference (rarer crystal drops). You need lots of sapphires, angelite, & kyanite. Use them to put specific epic affixes on gear. Then use diamond to roll higher affix stats. As your character gains levels & better gear you’ll need ruby for legend affix.

I use these references when crafting gear:

Best advice I have based on your current gear is to use the legendary items with the poison element. Use a weapon that has as many of following affixes as possible +5000 weapon damage, % weapon damage, % elemental (poison) damage. If you focus on using your MH weapon primary skill look for items with (or add affix) extra attack & multi-attack affixes. Keep in mind that extra attack & multi-attack only affect your MH weapon’s primary skill (barrage, comet, blast, pierce), and not your OH primary skill or any special skills (meteor, twister, orb, storm). If you go with MH primary skill, add attack speed affixes which will annihilate mobs. If you focus on special skills use items with reduced cool down. Max the heroic skill for the skill you plan to use (ex, barrage) to 20 and then add +10 skill (+10 barrage) to two gears so you have +40 total skill.

Then add the following to various gear if you can, elemental critical (toxic), elemental critical damage (blight), critical damage, critical chance, crushing blow, and deadly strike. Use items with glasscannon, push the limit, or barbarian affixes. Be sure to have at least one +250 MP on hit affix.

Put all your stat points into power for now. The higher the floors you go, you are gonna die, no matter how much health you got. Hit them before they hit you (barrage + attack speed). Make a sanctuary mythic amulet as soon as possible to help reduce annoying deaths :laughing: If you go with barrage, use a ring that has bewilder talent which will stun the mobs. You can try to spam barrage & stun them til they dead!

Once you start getting a lot of beryl & citrine you can create even more damage for your gear by changing the nature (of strength, of elements, of death), and talent (focus, amplify, empower, bewilder) on the item. You already have enough calcite to change the element on your gear to poison. If you go with a poison weapon, make all your gear poison via calcite, then when u got enough beryl change the nature to “of elements” or “of death” and watch your DPS increase nicely for the weapon skill you are focusing on in your build. I think you should try poison element with barrage + timewarp and see how much DPS you can generate. Try on different gears and compare DPS for the skill you primarily use.

Here’s some stat caps to keep in mind:

All procs 20%
Glasscannon 100%
Explosive 2000
Crit dmg 350%
Crit chance 60%
Crush blow 60%
Deadly strike 60%
Elemental Crit 40%
Elem Crit Dmg% No limit
Extra attack 4
Multi-attack 4
Piercing 60%
Attack speed 60%
Move speed 50%
Bleed chance 60%
Weaken 200%
Block 60%
Dodge 60%
Defense 60%
Clear cast 60%
Reduced CD 60%
Mana absorb 40%
Resource cost 60%
Purge 30%
Damage reduction No limit

Experience 200% socket
Luck 650% 850% ascend
Gold 650% 850% ascend
Item drop 200%

Hope this helps get you started & makes farming a little easier. :ok_hand:

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