Leveling made easy!

Well as it just so happens, when 2.1 drops I’m busy with real life stuff to the point that I won’t have time to grind out all the ascension levels in no time.
So since I won’t be in the race to get to eternal bracket on leveling (if that is the max), I’ll give everyone a tip for leveling to 50 in seconds!..

Equip nub gear, craft and put some epics on it (or even rare affixes), LEVEL the item via crystals to max level, reroll stats with diamonds, never take it off until 50! You can’t equip the item if it is higher level than you but if it is already on you then you profit.
I did this last night and reached 50 in a matter of mins since I went to mystic 1 and killed solo. You’ll have to craft every time you ascend but in total it took me around 50 common crystals to get a range of 300k with a bow and no legends. All being under level 50…

Cheers and happy leveling with a broken method lol.

Leveling made easy: Tip #2
1 equip lvl 1 gear
2 put Quest mythstone in every lvl 1 gear to max 200% exp bonus
3 go to mythic 3 difficulty start at floor 100 and go higher as your char level goes up
4 use a Area of Effect HIreling skill (aftermath, cataclysm) to avoid mobs from going near your char
5 once you get to lvl 50 equip your main gears
6 create a set for lvl 50 char with Quest mythstone in every gear to boost you to lvl 99
7 save your lvl 1 gear with Quest
8 ascend again

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This is a good way but requires a hireling that clears m3 fast enough to be efficient. Not everyone has a hireling geared for this.

Everyone has common crystals to spend vs not everyone having enough 30% experience ms.

I’m sure your way is fine but I’ll take the 1-50 in 5 mind way that is cheaper in the end.

They also updated CS and MS drop % every 100 floor (max 500 floor) your CS and MS rarity increases. CS and MS drops like crazy. you’ll get about 20 topaz 4 jasper ambers the lowest I get now is emerald. You should check it out. CS and MS shouldnt be a problem now.

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Score. Like I said I was only able to play for a few min last night but seems sweet.

Confirmed, crazy, awesome.

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F00ke… question in regards to this updated CS / MS drop percentage. Do you have to be 99 again to get these topaz’ jaspers ambers and so forth? My daughter did the acsension thing and has made it to 63 so far and hasn’t gotten anything above the standard diamond / common stuff with the occasional berdyl citrine whatever they are called. no topaz no amber no ruby no nothing. just curious…

From what I was told, it’s every 100 floor your cs/ms rarity increases. So for example at floor 500 (with a farming set of course) instead of getting a jasper it will be an obsidian. It’ll be +5 tier, instead of getting Diamond it will be Emerald. You’ll notice the difference when you go 500+ floor. Hope that explains better.

Actually I am more confused.

So what you are telling me is that I really won’t see any “Easier way to obtain CS / MS” according to the patch notes unless I grind hours upon hours on my phone to make it to floor 500?

that doesn’t seem easier to me. the patch notes are a tad misleading.oh well… I had high hopes haha

Well, this aint first hand info. So, i guess lets wait for them to explain all the changes. But man, you’ll love it…it’s awesome.

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Even more reason why I am racing to build a fortune bringer now that I know they haven’t nerfed it yet. I got lots of spare crystalline swords and unreal hoods for this! Now i want lots of obsidian and hardcore farm for crystal affixes on certain gear for it. I also want to add adventure as the mytbic for amulet but whats the best way to get the most gold for it to work. I was thinking just make a seperate one to eqip to the forgune bringer and use a full dps main character or hirling.

And ofc i start on lower floor.

At the moment I have a full loot/farm main and a full dps hireling. That’s what works best for me to fast clear map. One thing to consider tho is if they made some changes to luck/gold/farming mechanics. I’m also waiting for the patchnotes

Oh but my suggestion of adventure on fortune bringer temporarily is for lvl50+ becz exp hirling or main cannot deal much dmg. I think adventure is worth it but for early levels I think. I find levelling slow without adventure and it feels weak to have power stripped away from you until your lvl50. I am building fortune bringer anyways because I see it as worth it for a long time. The amount of crystals I am getting is crazy.

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Also I struggle to make hirling stand still completely in exp farming.

I see… Someone leaked… Yes, the CS and MS rarity got increased, exaclty as you said. :smile:

I got a one shot aoe build for rogue which clears 100-200 M3 like a breeze. 0.7 Scattershot cooldown is great for this.

(walks out quietly)

i’ll keep my mouth zipped ^^

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Same. I try not to reveal anything I found so far such as: Ssh be quiet :smile:

You and @SteigerBox is it true or false that difficulty bonus exp doesn’t go over the exp gain cap? I think yes