LK_Stradmore Hunting Epic Mobs trick

Hello Guys!
I just wanted to share you my recently made guide for hunting Powerful Mobs…
Enjoy haha


Edit: Renamed from “A guide from nowhere xD” to “LK_Stradmore Hunting Epic Mobs trick”


“All Comments, Suggestions and Violent Reactions are welcome!”


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Punches the screen Would this be considered a violent reaction?


How violent!



You’re always welcome @LK_Stradmore :kissing_heart:

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Wow. At first I thought magic+ enemies are considered powerful enemies but I know now that its epic+ enemies. Mythic enemies are awesome. They drop 3+ legends and 1 of them are eternal. Legend enemy dropping one legend is ok I guess and the imp achievement giving out 3 legends is sick too. I think I had a ridiculous amount of eternals yesterday without trying. I haven’t really tried getting any rare legends yet but I think it will be easy to happen. Also @cronos4321 hunted 20 mythic enenies at one day one tine and I think anyone could with the effort. I hunted at least 3+ in a day if I just play normally but if I play seriously, many more.

Accomplished perk to make epic enemies 38 to get 1 legend enemies and 8 legend enemies for 1 mythic enemies, maybe that could be considered in the guide @LK_Stradmore if you can.

Instead of hunting 500 epic enemies to get 10 legend enemies for 1 mythic enemy,if they have accomplished, they only need to hunt 304 epic enemies (38×8) to get 8 legend enemies for 1 mythic enemy with the accomplish perk.

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Sure, I can add that, thanks for the suggestion!