Luck not showing max

I no it should be max with the amount off luck I have on my stuff.

This is my main

This is my hireling

You only have 750 luck on your hireling (assuming mythic 3) not the 812.5 you require when averaging 812.5 and 750 this gives you 981.25% gold (dungeon quest doesn’t display up to 2 decimals but does use them so this displays as 981.2) the real question is what’s going on with your gold there because that is definitely an incorrect value if you don’t have an eternal pet with gold on it on your hireling :smile: also the fact that the adventure page is displaying you to even be capable of getting 1012.5% of those 2 stats is also a bug as far as I am aware as you require epiphany on your hireling in order to go above 650% so really you should only have 731.25 luck or gold find (+200 for the ascension for 931.25)

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I have that issue as well and how I solved it:

I know that cap for Luck is 650% default and with epiphany it’s 812% default (1012% with fortunate ascension).

Since you have hirling, to get 812% default (1012%), you need epiphany on both characters first to fully get 812% overall cap luck (1012%).

Since you have 812% cap, each character requires half of that which is 406% per character for luck.

Gold find isn’t calculated the same way according to adventure page but luck and item drops are based on summed up total to the cap. Luck would be 406% (main)+406%(hirling)=812% (1012% with fortunate) with epiphany on both characters and item drops is 125%(main)+125%(hirling)=250% (350% item drops with bonus) total Item drops with each character with epiphany.

However to get gold find cap is easier because you only put the affixes on main and you max out faster as it doesn’t require a second character. Instead of 406% per character like it is for luck, it is 812% on one character.

I told @Leaf about this as well. it is based on my observations when I played for a few months with the adventure page

The efficient way to get 406% luck on a character each is:

Mythic 3 difficulty guaranteeing 350% bonus luck.

This means 175% luck per character to get total 350% bonus thanks to m3.

1st character and 2nd character gets fortune 20

With averaging formula, 50% ÷2=25% per character.

Since both character have fortune 20, 25%+25%=50% total luck and item drops.

350%+50%= 400% (200% per character). Still a ways to get to 812%.
Then you need 2x crystal affix luck per character (total 4 crystal affixes)

225% on one character is 112.5%.

4×112.5%= 450%total (225% luck per character).

400% total luck+450% total luck= 850% luck (this caps it at 812% averaged but the rest is wasted.) The 812% cap is really 406% luck each character.

1st character: 175% m3 bonus +25% fortune+112.5% crystal luck+112.5% crystal luck= 425% luck (way over 406% luck but it helps get to the cap).

The rest of the 425% won’t count after 406% limit is reached because in single player, you already reached 812% luck for that character.

2nd character: 175% m3 bonus +25% fortune+112.5% crystal luck+112.5% crystal luck= 425% luck. If you go into single player with hirling, you reached 812% cap already.

425%×2=850% luck total (812% reached, rest wasted).

Because each character already reached 812% (1012% fortunate) in single player, pairing them together will guarantee 812% (1012% fortunate) luck cap reached in hirling mode. Same case with item drops if each character reached max 250% item drops in single player (fortune+ 4×legend item drops max).

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Basically, in short, mythic 3, 2x crystal luck, fortune on main character. Same formula on 2nd character and you guarantee 812% cap when averaged (1012% with fortunate).

For item drops: fortune+4x legend item drops. Repeat same formula on 2nd character. You get 250% item drops when averaged (350% with bonus).

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Thanks very much for the info guys :slight_smile: I will add crystal luck on hireling when I can and let you no what’s happen :slight_smile:

Arcanist build is perfect for his reason with farming. If I didn’t have arcanist exist, making an Efficient build with enough DMG would be trickier, especially on thousandth floor. Cronos though still gets many eternal pets despite not maxed luck but eternalized and treasured does help. Also, lots of hours too and fast farm build fortune bringer with fast pure DMG hirling.

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My rouge is the damage person hits in its bs once nova procs :smiley: plus all the freezing helps

Do you think I should stick to what I have or chage it

My current setup is still fortune bringer with arcanist aftermath wizard. I get 981.2% luck or 931.2% luck but I’m getting tired of the steup so I’m thinking of a setup where dying needs to happen a lot less (range setups like flintlocks and orbs my favorite). The skyfall and fury mobs annoy me even more as well as worms and just any mob.

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Ya skyfall is pain :stuck_out_tongue: I do a video soon and show you my builds :slight_smile:

1 Like video off my builds injoy ^~^

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Been playing around and tho I see what my main look like on its own lol

funny it lowes my luck with hireling :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup this is because the game averages farming stats when you have a hireling :smile:

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You have only 981,2% Luck, because your Hireling doesn’t have Epiphany set. You have maxed Luck on main toon (812,5%) and maxed luck on hireling (650%), so your all Luck is calculated like this:
(812,5 + 650) / 2 + 200 + 50 = 981,25%

Always take a look on All Stats page 8 for Luck stat on both main toon and a hireling.

Thanks for all the info guys I’m very greatfull :slight_smile:

hahah cant understand everything but i get some of it… I guess i need to play more this is. A great help guys thank u for discussing these hahah

Trust me I have played a whill now and I get confused still but I unstand what they are saying :slight_smile:

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I stick with my build so far :slight_smile: need to get to stage 1k for sure tho so can get the new items but I just farm lower stages for whill get my crystal stash up :slight_smile: