Luck stats not showing correctly [Solved]

So basically i want to talk about the Luck and Gold Find stats, i believe something is bugged with my account/character. Because i used to have max stats for these two (850%), but now with all the Luck gears i have equipped, the Luck stat stays at 806% or something (sometimes it stays at other number like 816 or 803% but whatever idk how to explain it).

Lets say right now i have 805% Luck, and then i change one equipment with 35% luck to another that has 45% luck, i should have 815% luck right, but when i check my stat it just stays at 805% despite the change i made… i restart the game (just to make sure the changes is actually calculated) and then enter a map, check stats: nothing happens its still 805% luck… its the same if i reduce some of my Luck stats, for example i unequip a gear that has 30% luck, then my luck stat would still stay at 805%.

Some other thing i noticed, if i have lower luck stat, for example i have 700% luck. Then i equip one gear that has 40% luck i should have 740% luck now. Instead i only get like 720% luck… weird.

I hope someone can enlighten me on this. I believe not only my Luck/Gold Find stats are bugged, but also other stats like crit rate/damage calculation or anything.

TL;DR: Your luck stat is not bugged, just add luck on your hireling.

And here is luck formula when not using a hireling:

(Affixes + Natures + Fortune + Difficulty) + Fortunate


Affixes - sum of Luck affixes on gear and pet
Natures - sum of Luck natures * 25
Fortune - hero points spent in Fortune * 2,5
Difficulty - number of difficulty * 50 (Very easy is number 0, Mythic 3 is number 8)
Fortunate - perk (200%)
(Affixes + Natures + Fortune + Difficulty) is capped at 650% or 812,5% if you have Epiphany(5) set.
All luck is capped at 850 or 1012% with Epiphany(5).

If your max luck was 850% then you weren’t using Epiphany, but you have Fortunate ascension perk. If your luck went from 700 to 720 by adding 40% then that means you are using a hireling, because the luck you added was divided by 2 (look at the formula when using a hireling).

If you add some luck onto gear and it does not change your Luck for Drops in Adventure Stats page, then check All Stats page 8, because you have probably capped your luck for your hero which is 650%. If your luck is not 850% but 805% and you have capped one hero luck at 650% then your other hero is not capped and has 460% luck in All Stats page 8, because (460 + 650) / 2 + 200 + 50 = 805. The solution is to raise your other hero’s luck by adding luck affixes, luck natures, fortune hero points or changing the difficulty. Difficulty calculated for a hireling is the last difficulty your hireling played on as a main character. Your hireling needs only 550% luck, because (550 + 650) / 2 + 200 + 50 = 850, which is a cap for luck without Epiphany set on main character. 550% luck can be easily achieved by having the last difficulty your hireling played on be Mythic 3 + having 20 hero points in Fortune + having all 6 gears natures of Luck, because 350 + 50 + 6*25 = 550.

I understand it now, thanks for the clear explanation!

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