Mana Shield gets hit higher than when on hp

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Hi guys, I was just wondering if this is actually a bug or mana shield’s mechanic?
I tested a few lower floors, but on the higher floors i get hit like around 22k mana during mana shield and like 6k hp when mana shield is not up, it was pretty hard to screenshot them, i get killed way too fast, i tried but failed so many times, used up 10 maps of deaths.

Here are the lower floors:
1927 damage with mana shield

575 damage without mana shield
That is 3.35130434782609x more damage

2060 damage with mana shield

648 damage without mana shield
That is 3.17901234567901x more damage

149 damage with mana shield

14 without mana shield
That is 10.64285714285714x more damage
The lower floors are even more weird, the damage calcation, you get hit alot higher with mana shield.

Mana shield does not factor in any forms of damage reduction outside of those on the wizard talents is why :smile:

Hmm, so that would mean mana shield is underpowered right now? Especially when the mana per hit/mana % per hit was lowered as well. The difference can be really huge heh…Hmm

I do not understand why people think a magical shield would have the same defensive capabilities as their unit. Please explain why you expect this. Is the description not good enough or are people just not reading what it does? If I am a Wizard and I create a wall around me, why would that wall have the same properties as I do? Does this magical wall wear the same equipment as me? No. So why would it have the same stats as me?

Besides, I literally told you how it works less than 2 weeks ago:


Actually @Clogon, you helped clarify it for me June 16th as well… thanks again btw :wink: