Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %


Oh nice. So i have to get 200 item drops on both characters then. It would be 400/2=200%+100%=300% item drops yes?

I understand that if you add cap of gold find and luck on both characters it will divide by 2. 1300/2=650% cap for gold and luck find .


Ok i think I know what to do now.


Yep i know what to do now. Item drops does stack on both characters but someone told me it doesn’t but this guide prove them wrong. Now i can farm in peace !


yeah, pray for RNG before u farm :grinning:


Haha lol. I think best way to get eternal trophy is have a good stack of eternal chests before I open yes?


yeah thats what i do


Cool cool. I still praying to rng to get a terrashaper pet or a plagued pet with 5k ED and maybe some hp on it. I keep getting stitches but none of those pets give me the right affix (except for farming ), same with the amount of banes I have. I have 4 stitch and 3 banes and 1 of them is eternal. I also have many other pets anyways.


Maybe even an eternal version of them!


I have exactly what you want… I have a terrashaper with 5000 ED. But I’ve never got a stitch or an eternal pet:)

GUYS IM NEWBIE IM LVL 80 please send me a guide

Argh how could u lol! Nah jk keep it, you worled for it and I not a thief . I usually enjoy working for it anyways


If that so then having a hireling that didnt reach the cap is a disadvantage because it halve the luck and gold rate?


The mechanics make sense but it doesn’t seem to tie up in game (mine atleast) unless there is something I am missing.

For example:

Wizard @ Epic difficulty (has Fortunate perk)
485.9% Luck
553.7% Gold Find
179.7% Item Drop

Warrior @ Epic difficulty
490.9% Luck
611.6% Gold Find
115% Item Drop

Together @ Epic difficulty (Wiz main, War hireling)
638.4% Luck
553.7% Gold Find
247.4% Item Drop

Based on the formula at the start of this topic my luck should be lower (488.4%), my gold find should be slightly higher (582.7%) and my item drop % is correct.

Any thoughts? Am I missing sometime?


Probably. Fortune affix? Fortune heroic points? Your gears’ nature (luck and greed)?


This, but, it sounds like you aren’t including your difficulty level’s bonus. Check your difficulty first.


I thought that it could be something like that at first too. But I checked those:

Luck - Difficulty (+150) + Gear (+73.4) + Fortune Lv25 (+62.5) + 0 Natures + Ascension (+200) = 485.9%
Gold Find - Difficulty (+150) + Gear (+116.2) + Fortune Lv25 (+62.5) + 1 Natures (+25) + Ascension (+200) = 553.7%

Luck - Difficulty (+150) + Gear (+265.9) + Fortune Lv30 (+75) + 0 Natures = 490.9%
Gold Find - Difficulty (+150) + Gear (+286.6) + Fortune Lv30 (+75) + 4 Natures (+100) = 611.6%

Clearly both luck values don’t average out to 638.4%. Although if you average them and then add 150 for the difficulty it is 638.4% but then surely this is counting the difficulty bonus twice?

I also noticed that my total gold find when using both is the same value as my wizard (main) alone. I tried equipping a different piece onto the warrior which had gold find (previous piece didn’t) and the gold find stayed at 553.7%.

This is on floor 191, not a map or anything.

Could it just be an error in the stats page?


I’ve noticed differences between the Luck/GF/ID/XP stats in the All Stats list and those stats in the Adventure list. I think there were bug reports that the Adventure page is screwy for XP, so it might be screwy for the other stats. Where are you getting your Together values from?


They are from the Adventure page.

The All Stats list are correct for the individual characters.


If I remember correctly, there are still bugs on the stats pages, and there were some tweaks to the GF, ID, and Luck system.


I believe map bonus is added after averaging, it’s always been that way


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