Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %


Sorry I am still confused about something, after reading the entire thread…

What about this scenario:
-Map bonus (Very Easy mode): 0% Luck (non-challenge map)
-Main toon 1300% luck, hireling 0% Luck

Does the toon-cap count before averaging or not? e.g. (1300% from main toon+ 0% from hireling ) / 2 = 650% final bonus? Or does the 1300% get capped first?
(edit: just putting up a hypothetical scenario to get my point across in the best way possible)


1.main value (1300%)+hireling value (0%)=Total value (1300%)

2.Total value (1300%) averaged main value (650%) hireling value (650%)

3. +Map bonus (Difficulty Easy: +50%). main value (700%) hireling value (700%)

4. Capped. main value (650%) hireling value (650%)

*Any extras will not count when capped.


I see, thanks!


*we need to consider the individual capped before averaging so the maximum average value would be (650+650)/2 right?

so for example “main value (1300) + hireling value (0)”
will just have an average of
(650 which is the main characters capped value + 0 which is the hirelings capped value)/2
and that would be equal to
= 325 + boost + map bonuses


individual cap will only happen after average and bonus.


thanks man. very clear now

–individual cap is not considered when looking for the “average” total effective gold/luck.

The guide must be edited since the total effective gold/luck differs when playing alone and playing with a hireling.


that is what steiger said about it, for No.1 and No.2 is order for main and hireling value. averaged. map difficulty bonus. and capped just like i explain. for No.3 is exception, it go beyond cap if it exist. this no.3 refer to legend map. legend map affix luck, gold find, drop eth goes beyond cap.


This makes no sense.

I don’t understand how they could be averaged before the caps are applied and it makes a huge difference.

If this is true:

When solo then anything past 650 adds no benefit.

When using a follower then all of a sudden my hero luck counts up to 1,300, despite showing as capped at 650, since the lowest luck my follower can have is zero.

That would basically means that when using a follower, the the player would have to manually total the amount of luck from gear himself, since the character screen shows 650 but it actually needs to be double that, to get the capped average of 650 assuming the follower had 0 and the hero had 1,300.


@cronos4321 Hi, Cronos, I read your example and explaining, but I still have one question :pensive:.

So the cap happens after the average and before the map base is applied, if I understand correctly, does that mean that my final Luck/Gold Find/Item Drop can go beyond cap?


Average, map difficulty bonus when u reach 650 between those it then start capping. if u see on challenge map for example above the affix content it have something like 1000%luck/1000%gold that will only effect gold chest after u kill carto. the affix like gold find, luck, Cs rarity Ms rarity eth will go beyond cap.


So the affix above the map only effect the chests?


not regular chest. its the chest after u kill carto.


Only the legendary affixes below on Legendary or Eternal challenge map effects the total luck/gold/find/item drops, and that can exceed cap
Is that correct?


yeeeep~ that correct.


I thought the affixes above the map can affect ur total luck/gold find/item drop. Cuz it says that Map Base % is the affix above and in the formula it is added to ur final luck.

And the Map affix on the Legendary challenge map affects the chest.


need to edit that i guess.


Okay got it. Thank you so much!
By the way, I love your profile picture and background, they are so COOL!!!


that, i just google it and use. credit to the GIF creator. lol


I have a question for you. What if you max gold find and luck on mythic 3 at 650% on both hirling and main character? That means when stat page show 650% gold and 650% luck on my main character and on my hirling.

I understand that you can have 200% item drops on one character and it doesn’t stack with hirling except for the hidden 100% item drop bonus which means you have 300% item drops at max?

This is when I talk about mythic 3 bonuses. This system need to be simplified soon. Is it 650+650= 1300% luck and gold find if you add max farming affixes if I use hirling? I understand that you can’t go over the cap in single player but with two character, do the caps add up to an overall cap between the two characters.

From what I also experienced, adventurer seems to stack from hirlings adventurer as well. Could be very strong indeed if I had a full dps hirling and the adventurer from a farm build super affect it alot.

Sorry if this looks complicated or messed up but can anyone answer those questions? I don’t understand much about what everyone was talking abt in the forums here because it all seems so hard to understand or complicated.


the order is adding your main char and hiring char’s luck together(including the difficulty of the map), divided it by 2 and then CAP! Last, added your shop purchased bonus and legendary map bonus. So only the bonus you purchased in the shop and the bonus of legend map can go beyond cap. same thing with gold find.

For the item drops, the process is the same before capping. But if you have a hiring, you will get an extra 100% item drops, which can go beyond cap