Minion PvP Test


i summoned 9 furies with 2 characters today


depends on the Talent. if you use Focus on a Tome based Minion Build, Focus would also increase the damage of Summon and Command, same as for Barrage and Twister, for example.


Now thats pretty good :smile: .


Just achieved the holy summons grail in pvp. During the match i got 12 furies and 2 spirits. Lol :scream:


It was a 2v2 match. 6 furies per character seems to be the max you can be lucky enough to spawn. You have to have a lot of hp and regen for the chance to occur at all. Armour may contribute. Perhaps. But summons are fun but not so fun if they belong to the enemy :wink:


@dickwad try Apocalypse on MH with eternal fabled staff (36% Mythic Dmg increase max) and also try Sadism set for one of your other sets. :muscle::muscle:


he posted a build that had Sadism on it somewhere, but adding Mythic affix to boost Apocalypse might make @dickwad head explode :exploding_head: with joy, and the rest of us cry tears of pain :sob: at his terrifying Minions in Battle Arena.


@Mr_Scooty meet the Bad Wolf


@Mr_Scooty just crafted this for my warrior to test .


@dickwad you should replace the Mythical Set with…oh, wait, that’s an Eternal item. but it still looks like a good item. those Apocalypse Furies are going to be devastating to your enemies.




@dickwad take it out for a test drive and let me know what you think. :+1:


A few variations


I don’t want to meet you with any of those weapons in a Dark Battle Arena (think dark alley), they look dangerous and my Characters might get hurt real bad. :crossed_swords: :face_with_head_bandage:


that weapon man is so good…
hhmm… can you help me to have mythic item?



Mythic Affix: Codex > Mythics (between LegendEx & Eternals) > Affixes > Recipe. for beginners, all of the Mythic Affixes have 4x ? for the Recipe. it says that you have a chance to unlock part of a Recipe every time you put a Myth Stone into a Socket on an item. the rarer the Myth Stone, the higher the chance to unlock part of a Recipe.

if you can’t wait, here is a Guide to help you.

Resource Mythics can go on any item.

you can only have one Resource Mythic. if you have 2 or more, only one of them will work, the others are just taking up space.

the other Mythics can only go on one item, so if you want 2 Chest Mythics, you can only use one of them.

you can only put 1 Mythic on each item, so if you have one on each item, you would have a total of 6 Mythics. you can’t put Mythics on Pets.

it doesn’t matter which order you put the Myth Stones on an item to make a Mythic Item, just that you use the correct 4 for the Recipe. (I tested this. not only that, but when I made a set of items with only Myth Stones, I accidently made a few Mythic Items. so if you don’t want a Mythic you don’t want, check the Recipe first). also, if you have an item with 6 Sockets when you make a Mythic, 4 are used to make the Mythic, and a fifth one is used up to make space for the Mythic affix, leaving you with 1 Socket (I discovered this when I was doing my testing).



haha, I saw the Suffering first, then I saw it is an Eternal Falbled Staff of Death, and I am thinking, what is a Warrior Talent doing on a Wizard Staff? and then I see that it is a Staff Jaspered to a Sword. my mind is really slow now for some reason! :dizzy_face:

@dickwad have you used it in PVP yet? or only for PVE?


Will test it tonight but my warriors armour is not right till I get the required stats


speaking of crafting, even though it is for PVE, I have been thinking of Sets to use when start working on my Chakram Ascending Build for my Rogue. I have been using Chakram a lot, so I am learning why players say it is a difficult Weapon to use (especially Whirling Blade), and so I have been letting ideas go in and out of my head while I farm. there are a few Legend Affixes I have been considering also, and it is a lot different than the ones I have made for my Wizard. I think my head is starting to hurt!