Minion PvP Test


i summoned 9 furies with 2 characters today


depends on the Talent. if you use Focus on a Tome based Minion Build, Focus would also increase the damage of Summon and Command, same as for Barrage and Twister, for example.


Now thats pretty good :smile: .


Just achieved the holy summons grail in pvp. During the match i got 12 furies and 2 spirits. Lol :scream:


It was a 2v2 match. 6 furies per character seems to be the max you can be lucky enough to spawn. You have to have a lot of hp and regen for the chance to occur at all. Armour may contribute. Perhaps. But summons are fun but not so fun if they belong to the enemy :wink:


@dickwad try Apocalypse on MH with eternal fabled staff (36% Mythic Dmg increase max) and also try Sadism set for one of your other sets. :muscle::muscle:


he posted a build that had Sadism on it somewhere, but adding Mythic affix to boost Apocalypse might make @dickwad head explode :exploding_head: with joy, and the rest of us cry tears of pain :sob: at his terrifying Minions in Battle Arena.


@Mr_Scooty meet the Bad Wolf


@Mr_Scooty just crafted this for my warrior to test .


@dickwad you should replace the Mythical Set with…oh, wait, that’s an Eternal item. but it still looks like a good item. those Apocalypse Furies are going to be devastating to your enemies.




@dickwad take it out for a test drive and let me know what you think. :+1: