Minion PvP Test



Need frostbiting. Need Another storm proc. I will have to trim and trim .


@Golem my head always hurts :sob:


who have extra account ? i have 1 ?


when you say Extra Account do you mean an extra Character Slot? those are $0.99 each, and you can buy up to 5 more for a total of 6 Character Slots per player.

asking players if they have another (more than one) DQ Account is the same as asking another player for account information.

players should never share their accounts with other people, because you don’t know if that person will mess up your account or not.


I’ve tested procs in the arena. 1 25% chance is good enough. Now that will cause controversy. :sunglasses:


I’m on the verge of a truly awesome summoner :heart_eyes: I need to craft an eternal fabled with Element damage, Critical chance ,Apocalypse and critical damage


I was in 1v1 eternal division 4 briefly today. :rofl:

( 30 seconds on test dummy stats. )