Minion PvP Test

I tell you my findings because I’m competitive and would love to have a match between us in 1v1 eternal league,

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nooooo!!! are you trying to turn my PVP Wizard into a Minion??? NOOOOOOOO!!!


Lol. Ok your not a summoner

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Oh bugger it. Haste nature makes minions attack faster. I’m sure all the other nature’s have a similar effect.

I’m finally getting to a point .


Would the Nadroji set bonus effect minions ?

only if the Sets help Minions in some way. +All Sets wouldn’t affect any Minions directly, like Summoned DMG or Summoned Health.

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If the set bonus affects monster rarity ? Summons are just monsters. You can get zombie minions

sorry, confused Bonus with All Sets.

the Nadroji Bonus wouldn’t affect any summoned minions, because what minions are affected by is determined by the summoners Skills, Sets, Talents, and affixes. the Bonus affects the Tier of spawning monsters, not minions.

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That answers that question …

or maybe not. !!! I have to test :roll_eyes:

@NUIQUE check out the stats of minions that @Mr_Scooty shows us with screen shots of arena fights after testing my ideas about minions. They open the thread :heart_eyes: