My Best PVE / PVP Build

Hello there,

I’m Deathbro, i’m one of the top global 2v2 pvp.

I wait for DQ2 and I want to share my build before it.

I) Pvp

  1. Fire, Bleed and death

-Eternal Aether Spark (element) with attack speed

-Eternal aether Brace (element) with attack speed

-Eternal Firestorm (element) for Crushing flames bonus / Sorcery

-Berzerker Hat with Energy for Berzerker Bonus, Crystal crit damage, Glasscanon and storm / Amplify

-Eternal Loop of Epiphany (Death) with +2 set / Magnify

  • Crushing flames Amulet with sanctuary, crystal crit chance, immolation damage, glasscanon, +2 set

Eternal Rage pet, Fire dmg, weaken, reduce CD, Crushing blow

  1. Healer, Summoner


  • Apocalypse Wand of Luck with spirit master, crystal Total hp, luck, diffusion, Hp

-Bloodmagic Tome of Luck with Summoner, Crystal total hp, luck, command, hp

-Synergy Hat of Luck with Battle mage, Crystal total hp, balance, hp, command

-Scoundrel garb of Luck, Crystal Luck, Balance, total hp, hp, reduce cd

-Poise Ring with Vampiric touch, Crystal Luck, balance, Strength, hp, +2 set

-Summoned Amulet with Plagued, Crystal total HP, reduce cd, hp, +2 set

-Fauna pet, attack speed, hp, reduce cd, total hp, luck

with this combo, my only weakness are gun builds. I can OS skull wizard buld with one storm.

  1. Immortal crushing skull
  • Hand of Epiphany (Evasion) with Epiphany, Crystal dodge, Clearcast, specialist, mirror image proc, storm proc

-Skull (Evasion) with Aftermath, Crystal Block, Explosive, strom proc, move speed, skullshield

-Hat (Evasion) with Crushing flames, Crystal Crushing blow, clearcast, elemental critical, skullshield, storm

-Energy Rob without set, Crystal block, clearcast, blistering, miror image proc, storm

-Loop of epiphany with Epiphany, Crystal dodge, elemental critical, storm proc, meteor, +2 set

Sanctuary Amulet with Epiphany, Crystal crushing blow, specialist, meteor, +2 set

Element pets, reduce cd, crushing blow, immolate, fire dmg, wizardry

You can play with one hand and destroy all maps or play meteor and create a rain of meteor with multiples stun

  1. Runner build

-Eternal Arson (Elements) for Crushing flames with move speed

-Demonic Horn, Crystal weaken, move speed (mythstone), mode speed, glasscanon, sprint

-Berzerker sallet with Berzerker, Crystal Crit Dmg, elemental crit, glasscanon, bleed dmg

-Berzerker armor with Berzerker, Crystal crushing bloc, move speed, blistering, explosive, bleed dmg

-Fury Ring with Momentum, Cystal attack speed, push the limit, fire dmg (%), +2 set

-Sanctuary Amulet with mercenary, Crystal crit chance, execute, blistering, +2 set

-Eternal Element pet, attack speed, sharpened, fire dmg (%), bleed chance)

OR Eternal Lilith, 20 intimid, fire dmg, crushing blow

I have many other OP build but… for another time.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Do you have a picture of the skull pve that you can upload for me to see?

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can you please tell me… how many floors of m3 does your build work on.

I have test this for 1500 - 1800
But you can keep 3 epiphany, 81% dodge / block and cruching flames for durability and % damage. You Can replace aftermath and element with demonic or other set to finish the monsters.

Do you have any build high floor 4000 -->>9999…if you have, can you upload it for my reference. I’m passionate about map climbing hihi

Not finished, but it’ll clear past 7k, its basically my 3000 sandbox build but:
Change masochism for CrushingFlames,
Change OH special to Taunt
Change OH element to fire
And add a little crushing blow%

Im still working it out sooo im not finished with it yet :eyes:

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Good game xD

And do you want pictures of my 2v2 PvP builds ?

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how do you get that pet…the stones you have don’t change the properties on the green pet

Before having eternal enslaver bonus, you Can back up. Drop your pet, if not good, restart your game download your last back up.
You Can download last data once per three hours

Can you teacup me…is the wizard’s secondary weapon still forcing Fury?

only a few Crystals can be used on Eternal Items, Pets, and Maps.

here is a list of Crystals that can be used on Pets that aren’t Eternal.

if you are willing to wait 3 hours every time you don’t get the Pet you want, then you can go with the method @Deathbro shared. you could get lucky right away or end up spending a week or month waiting 3 hours to check your game for the right Pet.

you could also make an Eternal Pet Farming Build, like @Mr_Scooty , and try that method to get the Eternal Pet of your dreams. even if you don’t get the Dream Pet right away, you are still getting lots of Loot.

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