My build :D should I chage anything

Don’t change anything yet get some legends with Elemental damage or Weapon Damage this are legend affix . Crafting those items are not worth it

And try to look for nadroji necklace and ring which has +2 sets helps a lot in building almost everyb build

Try to have all items in same element

Ok thanks a lot :slight_smile: what’s ed and wd I chaged element to direft as it gives me res to them kind on items and bow and bag dose dam off elements

We’re do I find the ring and necklace from :slight_smile:

Epic+ enemies after floor 100.

Sweet thanks I’m on floor 110 sumthing and on myst 2 different

Craft Mythic item on ring called Hunter with mythstone in order: Rebirth>Flight>Quest>Fortune. It will spawn Epic Monsters from shrines (you only need to equip the ring while using a shrine). It will help get Nadroji items becosue more Epic monsters = better chances and also will help you do Feats like kill epic/legend/mythic enemies much faster.

Do I use any ring to put that stuff on too

You need a ring with 4 sockets.

Ok thanks I go hunt for now and I ss when done thanks again :slight_smile:

found a ring but not for a rogue tho):

you can use a jasper stone to change it over to rouge

Made the ring wooo

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Nice :slight_smile: You now just equip it when you want to use a shrine :slight_smile:

I’f I sell all items will that ring be sold and yes will do that :smiley:

Mythical items can not be directly sold cuz it will be locked up after it is created you so don’t worry about doing SELL ALL. Farm more items like those they have mentioned above, ED% and WD% those items will help you to get stronger but first you must build a farm set in order to obtain those items easily (by chance) and of course you should save more resources on order for you to craft and enhance those items.

Good to no thank you and ya I will look for items like that what is a farm set.

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Something like this

items with a sole purpose for farming only. Set affixes like nadroji,eternalize,crystalline and mythology.
They can’t be crafted via amethyst . Can only be obtained in loots

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Ahh ok I’m hunting shirens now with that ring I made pretty cool as can use ring on any off them and it spawns the guys :slight_smile:

my luck and def stuff :slight_smile: