My build on floor 1000++ (Rogue ricochet)


If that apex of ephipany got a 40%+ attack speed, you can improve this more i think.
Luck rolling :joy:

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Most important epiphany bonus activated and i crafted 3x roll :joy:

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Hahah unlucky…
Mp absorb need to be change i think. :kissing_heart:

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Well , its named “freezing flame” build

Ascend the real Burst damage activated for CF and Frozen

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Haha NO , mp absorb for immune thorns affix

Any people using cheat for Full max cap affix
But im dont using cheat haha

I still dont fully understand shadow, does it work with all the elements? It says on stealth activation and DoT, only psn and immolate are dot? How long does stealth last?

Stealth in shadow set not work

I dont know but i use detonate 100% dmg from set

Never knew this about mp absorb since i havent use it, any explaination on this immune thorn, im a bit interested on this

Yep , you can use set permafrost for mp absorb

Try it , and its work it

How those this works ?
No damage on thorns?

When you hit enemies with thorns affix

Hp in dmg but keep 1hp

And increase Mp regen
So ,its infinity Mp

I will show you about projectile Weapons with mp absorb affix

You can replace Shadow set in chest with Crushing Flame set, also your MH/OH is not poison element. From my exp, the effect for reduce resist from Ascendent only work for Arcane element attack.

With mirror image,ambush and multi attacks ,you always Poison and reduce enemy resist with
ascendent … dont need to be Poison or
arcane on weapon .

So, shadows Works in this case:

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Interesting…+50% DS already amazing
I’ll try using shadow to see the dot effect

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I remember i already used & tested eternal shroud.
The +50%DS that killed enemy faster, not the shadow set :sweat_smile:
Some eternal will reduce Crystal slot & dont have crystal affix such as eternal shroud.
Thats why almost in my rogue build i dont use eternal item & add legend orb proc, orb has 10hit/s, to replace the DS hit bonus.
DS or orb proc have some purposes, increasing hit…which is best? Be simple, they have same result, enemy died in the end.
The best is we could use what item we had.

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