My "genious" build

I trying collect bonus set effects as much as I can in simple build.
Rogue, bow, bonuses: inferno + crushing flames + haunting. Mythics - arc and bloodmagic.
My planning: test discordance instead of BM. Find bonuses with requirements like a haunting.
P.s.: also think about vampiric touch for BM instead of natural regen…
Help me with this shit pls :smiley:

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Sorry for my english, I’m typical russian schoolman :smiley:

you could also use HP on Hit or HP Leach from Myth Stone… or both. maybe a Resource Reducer so Skill cost from Blood Magic 2x cost doesn’t hurt so much.

Blood Magic and Discordance have both good and bad reasons to use them, testing will show you which one is good for certain Builds.

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Welcome to the forums. As per usual golem already has this covered. You the man golem.

I would adivse looking into discordance, with my wizard build, it alows me to have a electric based long range high dps aoe infinite stun lock and stacking damage thanks to the element it uses, with the capability of dodgeing almost anything and being capable of teleporting on top of that. I like to refer to the build as “lasernado” im curious to see what bs a rouge can concoct with discordance. Gl :slight_smile:

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Multishot is a Rogue Bow Special Skill that does 1050% weapon damage with a 3 second cool down (highest damage skill in DQ).

for players who want to use their Primary Skill as their Special Skill with Discordance…

  1. Huge Dmg. increase (most MH Primary Skills are 100% weapon damage. Rogue Boomerang is highest with 300%).
  2. Cost Reduction. most MH Primary Skills have 1% per Rank Cost Reduction.
  3. With Cooldown +60%, you can cast the Skill every 1.2 seconds.
  4. Works well with the right Proc or two.
  5. As a Rogue Skill, Wizards & Warriors will have a hard time using using Multishot as a Primary Skill. But it does have a Blind AoE CC, which is helpful for anyone.

I’m testing it with Rogue Boomerang on Chakram, Wizard Comet on Staff, and Warrior Smash on Hammer, and I’m happy with the results. as to why I’m going in the opposite direction than other players, it’s because I wondered if it was possible and worth it. I also think this is how some players make those 1 shot kills with those Primary MH Skills in PVP.

Hehe) I remember try PvP with pathfinder bonus… Firdt crit proc, poof, you win :smiley:

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