List of Set Bonuses V3.0

This is a compilation of Set Bonuses found in the current 3.0 version of the game. It will include summarized details of bonus gained and the requirements equipped to activate the bonuses (in PVE). DMG means Damage.

(SET BONUS) : (Bonus) ; (Requirement)

AFTERMATH BONUS : Gain 75% Meteor DMG ; at least 2 Aftermath equipped

ANGELIC BONUS : Gain 25% Double Mitigate ; at least 10,000 Armor equipped

ASCENDENT BONUS : Gain 50% Elemental Weaken ; at least 2 Ascendent equipped

BERSERKER BONUS : Gain 500% Bleed DMG ; at least 2 Berserker equipped

CEREBRAL VORTEX BONUS : Gain 150% Torrent DMG ; at least 25% Resource Cost equipped

CRUSHING FLAMES BONUS : Gain 400% Immolation DMG ; at least 3 Crushing Flames equipped

DEMONIC BONUS : Gain 50% Double Strike ; at least 50% Move Speed equipped

DRUIDIC BONUS: Gain 5000 HP Regen ; at least 2 Druidic equipped

ELECTRIFIED BONUS: Gain 75% DMG to stunned enemies ; at least 2 Electrified equipped

ELECTROCUTION BONUS : Gain +1 Shock Effect Max ; at least 40% Elemental Critical equipped

EPIPHANY BONUS : Gain 70% Total DMG% ; at least 70% Attack Speed equipped

HAUNTING BONUS : Gain 100% Total DMG% ; at least 40% Clearcast equipped

INFERNO BONUS: Gain 100% DoT duration ; at least 2 Inferno equipped

NADROJI BONUS : Gain 100% Enemy Rarity ; at least 2 Nadroji equipped

PATHFINDER BONUS : Gain 200% Multi Shot DMG ; at least 3 Pathfinder equipped

PERMAFROST BONUS : Gain 5000 MP Regen ; at least 2 Permafrost equipped

PLAGUED BONUS : Gain 75% Storm DMG ; at least 2 Plagued equipped

SADISM BONUS : Gain 300% Summon HP ; at least 2 Sadism equipped

ZEALOTRY BONUS : Gain 50% All Healing ; at least 3 Zealotry equipped

~ Seven Deadly Sins (SDS) Bonuses~

PATIENCE : Gain 200% Total DMG ; at least 4 SDS equipped
WRATH : -50% Total DMG

CHARITY : Gain 400% Gold Find ; at least 6 SDS equipped
GREED : -200% Gold Find

DILIGENCE : Gain 150% Move Speed ; at least 3 SDS equipped
SLOTH : -100% Move Speed

KINDNESS : Gain 150% Total MP ; at least 5 SDS equipped
ENVY : -50% Total MP

HUMILITY : Gain 150% Total HP ; at least 5 SDS equipped
PRIDE : -50% Total HP

CHARITY : Gain 400% Luck ; at least 6 SDS equipped
LUST : -200% Luck

TEMPERANCE : Gain 150% All Healing ; 7 SDS equipped
GLUTONY : -100% All Healing


  • Electrocution Bonus is activated by Elemental Critical %.

  • 1% Shock effect max is actually +1 Shock Effect Max.


Please let me know if anything is wrong or missing. Thanks!

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On Electricution. the description on Codex is Wrong. that should be at least 40% Elemental Critical.

You’re right @kiane_zaine . Thanks!

A question regarding on the Seven Deadly Sins bonuses. Are the minus/negative affixes like the Pride with -50% Total HP can be removed via Kyanite or Quartz?

Nope Set Bonus Affixes and them unremovable.

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But the real bonuses are in the 30 % to all chance based stats on gear when 6 items are equipped :sweat_smile:

Actually its ok for me.I think still worth to use.

I was looking at the SDS part of the post, and anyone who puts a Set other than a SDS Set on their Gears is going to get hit by severe penalties. I guess a 4 SDS Build would be the lowest you could/would want to go if you wanted to make a SDS Climbing/PVP build, but you would be taking a hit on HP/MP and losing 2 spaces for other affixes. you could go down to 3 SDS, but then you would take a hit on Damage, and your choice of HP or MP. and just writing that makes feel like I am crazy. :dizzy_face:

I think that 3 pieces are nice i want get them eternals.If we can active SDS on PvP when we have less then 6 pieces its pretty good i think.
Can u help us @dickwad

well, remember, there is only 1 SDS that needs 3 Sets, the Penalty on the other 2 will be in effect, and you don’t get the Bonus’s either, since one needs 4 and the other 5 SDS Sets.
oh, for PVP, @dickwad would know, he made some SDS PVP Builds.

Is there a way to add a set bonus to a piece of gear? I’m new and trying to get the plagued set on my rogue, but the bonus is attached to an off hand trap and I want it on the off hand bomb. Is that possible?

With Jasper Crystal:

Warrior: Blight Totem > Vial.

Wizard: Necrotic Grimoire > Vial.

looks like if you want the Plagued Bonus on Rogue OH, you are stuck with using Trap or Vial.

Set Bonus: this affix can’t be rolled with any Crystals. they can only be found on items.

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