My new pet

Finally! pet …xD


Awesome @KAIZ0KU. Have you revealed the affixes yet?

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Isn’t you that already have a perfect Eternal Fauna on Battle Arena?

Hmm I haven’t seen Kaizoku with a perfect pet. Someone else has a perfect Fauna in top 3, unless I am wrong.

Hm, then maybe I’m mistaken


Sachna larapan?

Isnt a perfect roll considered cheating? Or its just eternals?

@RoogeEx This is what i mean by perfect eternal pet. Read link below for yourself and decide. The pet being discussed is an Eternal Fauna with Flat HP, HP%, Resist, Flat ED and Flat Armor.


Hmmm if I know legends pets can edit through topaz…legend pets only…that’s why I have perfect legend pet

@KAIZ0KU show me the affixessss.

Yes i am @CuzegSpiked evrybody reporting me as always. Because of my eterna fauna. :sob:

I think you could totally make immortal build with that swap annoyance. It’s almost immortal without actually immortality. You just gave me an idea of immortal build even though I already thought of it once before.

Oh well, I didn’t lose much points. When I put the time and effort without those peasant eternal pets:

Just use storm or scalp before getting into the swap range. Doing so swaps them right into the mess you left for them. That ends the swap dilemma. :+1:

I have storm . I use skulldraga though but scalp maybe better. I almost won too but I lost 2-2 .

My vault does help as well and other things too. I used to always win against sachie but I don’t anymore but then again, it’s been forever since I faced her.

Then use Storm first (5 sec duration) followed by scalp. Try using berserker bonus for 200% bleed damage. Blind and freeze also lasts 3 seconds making swap useless.

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Scalp could miss but not always. Thanks anyway. I was thinking of ice build too . Didn’t think of berserker bonus since I thought it wouldn’t work as easily or doesnt show it.

I have storm proc though because my main attacks are orbs and cosmic orbs. Storm comes as proc. Skulldraga/scalp.
I tried cost but obviously I’d be sitting duck. I considered coat for A.I and I even saw build the same as mine but using coat but I think it wasn’t always worth it.

It will not miss if you know the swap range and have them swap right into your storm and scalp. Berserker bonus works now. :+1:

Yeah makes sense.

I would also recommend using plagued bonus for 40% more storm damage.

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True. I have no slots left though in my discordance orb build since every part is valuable. Maybe one slot I could remove but it would handicap me.

I was considering some Regen solutions as well to heal HP and MP very well or something. Or I could make a new build instead of keeping my discordance orb build.