My new pet


New build. You can make a Boomerang/Storm + vial/scalp Rogue with what I listed above very fast. I would recommend vanish mythic and ice element with Plagued and Berserker Bonuses. Or bomb OH with Coat proc.


EZ . Second times a charm. Cheater suck at arena. Well I did draw once but the skulldraga did all the work.


Skulldraga to distract and DPS on immortals and every enemy ever. Distracts A.I easy. Also that storm and my orbs and stuff deal nice damage and I tank a fair amount of hits.


Her build is pretty weak, all she does is swaping and waiting for CV acts? lmao


Yeah. Also my skulldraga did all the work against her. Noob build imo.


I wouldn’t call it “noob”, cause it has an original insight. On div 1 almost everybody runs battle mage war/wiz (even me, lmao), making battle arena monotonous. So it’s good facing builds with different insights.

I call it weak compared to a previous similar build that I saw kaboodle using that could trap enemies in a combination of storm + torrent + swap.


I mean noon as in cheating. The idea itself is more original than Battlemage but that’s about it. If she were legit, that would have been fine.

Also didn’t Kaboodle have the same pet as sachna.


I’m not sure, cause I remember facing both kaboodle and sach at same day.


I do not believe Kaboodle had an edited pet. I’m fairly certain Kaboodle was legit. :+1:


Oh good. But where is he now.


I believe he moved on.


Fair enough.


Why so people here hates me thats not fair . I build battlemage just for ai mode. Thats not my main build . Ijust want to copy the playstyle of other wizard using battlemage like crushkosipat,kaizoku,pockman before


No one hates you @Sachzna_Laparan. You have been playing over 2 years now. I still remember the first time I played your character, it was a Mirror Rogue when the arena was first released. Your play style is fine and challenging. Keep pushing to improve.


Maybe it’s the pet and not you as a player.


Wait she’s been playing 2 years? Never knew that. Also I never faced her until like patch 2.5 or so . Strange but yeah. I guess maybe legit then , the build idea is different from everyone which is a good thing.

Maybe the pet is legit then. It’s hard to say though. I’ve seen many copy pasted of the same pets like 1000s of times so it’s easy to come to the assumption of cheating or so.


Yeah that swap storm scalp thing. Thats my original build


congrats kaizoku, just pray for good affix before you open it :grin:


orayt I got good affix


suggest add some pathfinder to your build scoundrel has dodge now and another dodge from your pet is much more useful


@kaizoku and @defender, are you the two wiz in eternal league div.1 in the top 10?