My new pet


yeah your right :blush:, btw congrats for being top 1


thanks!!! you can be a top 1 also…


i can go to top1 anytime i want :joy::v:️, for now im focus on farming for my plan build :grin: may be next month i will release that build


wow!!! good luck to you, i’m farming also for my new build… i try to build an immortal build just pray for me to know the right affixes that i can use for this build… hahaha… farm farm farm until you success!!!


nice pet… i want also a good eternal pet… to have more HP and power…


Yep @arrow143 -San


Wow . Nice . I hope i got that one . Soon.


immortal build is not a OP regen build, it has a low regen with a high of dmg reduction, easy affix for that, if you want me to help you about that build just message me


What the… So many mytic stones. Nice pet