My noob build

Hello I just started 2 months ago and really love the game. I posted my build here to ask for some improvements currently I’m ranked 200+ in world rank battle arena and I can see a lot of guys using Mythic and Eternal items. Right now I only have crystal set that are focused on Fast Kill that’s why I’m planning on changing some parts one by one so I really want some suggestions on where to start.

HP: 90k / MP 30k
Crit %: 60/60
Crit Damage %: 350/350
Attack Speed: 60/60
Bleed Chance 20/60 w/ Rank 35 Toss (+36% chance)
Bleed Damage: +130%
Armor: 60k
All Resist: 2.1k
Gold Find: 650%

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Wonder how this compares to the Redrum build?