My Pet Hunter Build 🐣

Hello !
I just want to share my build to obtain atleast 5 to 15 legend pet in a day and of you’re lucky enough you will also obtain some eternal pet, but sometime you will obtain the same pet :pensive:
Anyway this is my build, for some elder who read this, please give me suggestion to get better build :innocent:

You can change MH skill to Knightcharge and OH skill to shatter for fast farming on the way to enslaver.
And if you need hireling, you can copy my rogue farming build right here, she is so fast killing :

For more detail information about pet hunting, you can visit link below :

Whenever you feel boring on PvP or BASIC farming, you can try pet hunting with good affixes, this is so challenging guys !!! :sweat_smile:

Sorry for my bad english

Thank you for your attention, happy pet hunting ! :innocent:


the only downside to your Wizard Pet Hunter is the Nadroji Bonus. you went for better chance of finding Eternal Pets with Eternalized (7) versus finding more Enslavers with 2 Nadroji Bonus & Nadroji (2).

after looking in the LegendEx, you would have to drastically change the build for 2 Nadroji Bonus. if the Build you have is doing what you want, then you did a good job Crafting your Pet Hunter!

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Oh yes, i forgot to mention that I’m using monster boost for 1 hour. Actually i have basic farming when there’s no monster boost. This is mine, any suggestions?

So if i have monster boost, can i change to eternalized (8) ?


You have good farming build.
Thanks for sharing.

I don’t have suggestions on your farming build so far but I think you need more armor and hp on your jasper warrior.


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Oh wow you faced me :pensive:
Is it okay if there Is no damage? But full hp and armor?
I put some damage and proc on armor

You can get rid of two flat +5,000ED and add one 7,500Hp and one 7500Mp.

Your build will generally not survive barrage and burst damage builds with only 17.6k Health but your choice is your choice.

Also you do not need many procs. Choose the procs you do not need and replace them with 7500s hp/mp or 5000s ed.

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Okay thank you , i will replace perserverence is it okay?

build looks nice. Skullshield for range and Storm for anything that gets too close for comfort.

when I think of a Basic Farm Build, I think of Luck & Gold Find maxed to Cap, Item Drop up to max if possible, and at least one Nadroji Bonus activated as an option. I think I could handle using Epiphany to make a Basic Farm Build 2.0. all other spaces would be for surviving and defeating monsters as fast as possible.

any other type of Farm Build would be a Focused Farm Build. like a Farm Build optimized for getting Legend or Eternal Pets, Eternal and/or Crystal Items, Myth Stones and/or Crystals. Luck is important in these Builds, but Gold Find isn’t really necessary. and Item Drop helps to drop multiples of items you are looking for, except for Pets.

the important thing about Farm Builds is that it is getting you what you want to farm for.

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I’m on MT 3 Difficulty when playing my basic farming i rich 1012 luck, 350 item drop, 550 550 eternal and crystal. But yea, gold find only around 700 to 800. Item drop help getting more quantity gold drop also and dealer perk also help me for getting more gold because I’m using hireling both active on dealer perk.


Good build. Block and dodge would help you climb higher. Monster boosts rock. I’m embarrassed to say I bought 24 hours worth once. :roll_eyes::joy::smiley:

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I’m on 800ish right know and this build still work for me. I actually prepare some obsidian if this build not working on higher floor to make new farming build with block and dodge, thank you for suggestion :innocent:

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I got to mythic 3 1500 . Block and dodge helped alot. Especially on skyfall maps that drop the best loot.

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If you use Aswang or The Original Immortal Craft yes.
If orb craft, I don’t think it is a good idea to remove it.

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Tbh i always skip skyfall thing on map even if the map also have pack size :joy: my main concern is pack size and rare enemies…
Hmm i used to play on mt3 till around 600floor, then i found farming build on this forum with very easy difficulty, i think it’s the ssme thing as long as we have max farming on caps. And yea, some equipment require mt3 to drop but we can craft it on codex :smiley:


I’m using original immortal with some additional

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