My Reactor Build (I can finish Mythic3 5000 floor easily)

I am Chinese. So my english is poor. I use Baidu Tieba most. Now I come here and just want to share my build. This build is very op(I think so). If you have this build ,just click the ORB,and then all the enemies will die. I have little time for the Internet(Since I am a student), so I might seldom come here and answer.
What’s your advice on my build?And how you feel after using if?

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Cool build!

Love seeing use of Hunger from bow conversion. Bummer that obsidian rolled reduced CD on the Gauntlet since it appears you use discordance to spam orb, and not sure you really need reduced CD for taunt. 5000 M3 easily, nice!



@Chinese can you post your current map :laughing::laughing::laughing: to prove that youve reach 5000f ?? :laughing::laughing: is there anyone in this forum who reach 5000+ floor map??

And question what is your gameplay ?? How can you reached 5000floor m3 without any survival affix?? Dodge only ?? By your dexterity ??

Any build with crushing blow “can” pass any floor,the problem is how easy you can.I dont think a build without viability is a good climbing build.Just cant imagine how “EASY” will you pass a map with skyfall/tnt proc/enemy heal(ignore this,realy unsolvable).Do you hide some magical way to survive?

Amazing hahah

All peeps gotta do is larimar/diamond the map to get more favorable affixes.

i couldn’t afford a gameplay please forgive me
youcan try this build and i think youwill find it
really op
this build didnot need any survive affixes
its dmg is veryyyyy high
just use orbbbbbbbbb

what about those stray bolts from furies and malums? you avoid them all the time :neutral_face:

Avoiding skyfall :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: its imposible you know. Lets say 100 skyfall falls down. Atleast one of them will hit you. And without dodge or block specialy sanctuary or stealth . 100% sure you will die . Before you reach carto you will die many times unless you sacrifice your gold to respawn many times :laughing::laughing:

Can’t Skyfall be removed from map via Larimar? I’m at Floor 1250 and just Larimar the bad affixes off, like immunity & Skyfall. Anyway, would be cool if he posted a video of his run on 5000. What does a map on that floor even cost?! $2mil :flushed:

In a word, when you are in a high floor, you can hardly finish a floor without deaths.
I used to make

a build for warrior to own a 100% block chance

(Now it is also effective).
Let me tell you about how to build it:7Epiphany(MH Helm amult) 40Bulwark(Talent) 81%Block(Ring and offhand with crystal block affixes)(Ring must be born with crystal block affix .This is very hard to get one)So much for my 100%block warrior build. Although its dmg is low, you can use a Meyhem chest.

For rogue, stealth can easily make you alive.

But for wizzard, you can make 94%dodge most(Talent[insight]).So you can’t make a build without dying.Then I try to make this build which has the Fastest Hit Frequency
It can make crushing blow quickly(I haven’t seen a build hitting faster than it. In the Chinese DQ discussion, others also think this build is very good for its dmg)

Truth doesn’t need to be proved. If you use this build ,you’ll feel it really powerful.

I can kill an epic boss in 5000 floor maps in less than 10 seconds.(Map without enemy heal)

I couldn’t give you a gameplay since my phone’s wifi is wrong and the device is old. I’m using a computer to write down these.The stat dmg is 1.X~2.X M 1HP 12000MP

Apologize for my poor English

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i’m still not convinced, me myself own a reactor build. what kills me most of the time are those flying rocks from ogres and stray bolts from who knows where. you’re toon would stop for a millisecond when casting orbs and you’ll see those ground markers for falling furies.

Nice build but compare to my reactor build
Im using Frozen set affix and also epiphany :sunglasses::sunglasses: and has 60% dodge + sanctuary alsobut still die to skyfall take note :one hit skyfall haha :sunglasses::sunglasses: