Mythic item Crafting

Please sent me guide or recipe how to make mythic items

Here you go!! :+1:

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Unfortunately, I only saw one post where it described the MH % on every mythic skills and I don’t know where it is.

Don’t know if this is still valid.

What’s the best mythic for MH & OH?

Cosmiorb is great. Apocalypse is good because it gives you a tiny army.

the best Mythic for MH/OH is the Mythic that is best for your build. at the moment, I am using Nova on my OH because it has 100% chance for elemental crit. it only has 30% proc rate, but that is good for now. I have seen people putting Resource Mythics on their MH/OH, so it is all about what you want your build to do, or how the Mythic helps your build. I have been considering putting Earthquake on my MH for a Teleport build, but I have been busy with farming instead of crafting.