Mythitech was lost

Whats wrong MYTHITECH are lost. Any suggestions please.
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Yeah right. :sob:

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Need suggestions from dev’s I we waiting please fastly recover the player is would be 25% active now I’m worrying.:roll_eyes: @tdaniel and @MiguelBox please pass usap. Sorry for being I mentioned but this is a respected thanks.

Mythitech was corrected on the latest update:

The absurd damage boost(10x more than the design) from mythitech was not intended. Hence, it had to be fixed.

Or you meant something different by lost?


Sorry, I do not understand. What do you mean it’s missing?

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Hi, everybody sorry for ask this here but i don’t wanna make a new post just for a single cuestion hehehe
So, what is the waken max cap? Ty

The Mythitech affix are bug now any possible to pass recovery that Mythitech are disable bug.?

I’m so Worrying😞 My last memories looking for 14.7k power suck’s created with a full barrage withen using two mythitech item on my gear. Now I lost it’s 4k+power.

Is there a possibility of being restored Mythitech item.?

If you are asking if the set will have its affix changed back, then the answer there is no. We would not change that affix set back.

If I have misunderstood your question please dm me and we can go from there.

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There is a possibility that the Mythitech item will still be repaired.?

Yup , look like to nerf ~