Nadroji Bonus Bug on Stat Page

a few days ago I decided to put Nadroji Bonus on my Farm Build again. on the Stat Page, I noticed it says I only have a 99% increase, not 100%. I don’t remember it being 99% before.

I tested all 5 ways to activate the Bonus and they all say 99%.

here is a post from 2017 that shows the rarity to be 200%, but when I am on a floor for the same %, I only show 199%.

I haven’t started using the Build yet, still in planning & crafting stage, but am hoping it is just a typo and doesn’t lower the rarity spawn rate by 1%.

Edit: I have started using the new Farm Build, and am not sure if the bug has affected performance of the Nadroji Bonus. the Build still needs some tweaking before I can see if there is a difference from the last time I used these Items.