Need a good PVE build for Rouge

Hey guys really need a good build after i fucked up on my own warrior build … xD

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Try frozen build, its a cheap build easy to find and good at pve, find all gears with frozen set affix, and try to put permafrost also, this build can really make a huge damage specially if you have +2 set number affix

This is a good place to start: Build Compendium

Looking for 100M + builds not sure if i can reach it with that build O_O

I was thinking about a stealth/bow build but dont know how to reach enough CD to stay in stealth all time …

Here is my frozen build, 100m is just a pinch.

Dont give up on warrior. try it again. warrior have the best set talent for offense and defense. IMO warrior can pull higher damage than wiz and rogue.

If u want 100% stealth try putting 1 obsidian affix reduce cd, max your stealth(20) then max your veil(40)

I agree with cronos

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anyway nice damage u have there. is that the highest.?

No, I’m really not sure what’s the highest damage this build can deal, but I can see 800b+ sometimes and higher,

i see… i wish i can show u something now lol. but a present for 2.1 patch will only be posted when 2.1 released. hope u can wait til then and hope you can handle the hype. lol

Well yes you can, in private message if you want it to be private until you decide to share it in forums haha I also love to play with affixes as much as you do :smiley:

lol. i will post it when 2.1 released.

So as u guys are the pros could u give me any advice on how to improve my warrior build couse i messed up couldnt deciede if i should take ranged or earthshake + nova + bombard …Picturees ll follow

i was not sure which mythic i shoul use on the unfinished armor i guesss i made a mistake there …

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/39aaea408af09e2d3ffc17af5fd79094693903e3.PNG" width="457"height=“404”>

Btw the hatchet has taunt as special skill :stuck_out_tongue:

Why skilled? Use skilled if your using primary,

diidnt really think there … :frowning: