Need Advice

Need advice to improve my damage range. Any affix i still need to put and remove? i know there’s nothing i can do with the mp regen on chest. Just need to farm for a new 1 and craft again a new one. :frowning:

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Nice build. Wished I could build something as cool as that.

its easy, you just need to farm farm farm. Been playing for a month+ now, and just found that eternal pet last night. I tend to change my mind these past few days. I change from bow to chakram, now chakram to pistol in search for the ultimate build. My goal is to always see billions in damage but iirc someone mentioned that damage will depend on the monster’s hp. What’s nice of this build, is the poison killing them fast and bullets flying all over the place. I dont know if I add +2 extra attack chance it will increase the number of bullets. I might change glasscannon to mirror image proc and mirror cast proc but i still need an expert advice about this.

Lolz farming is all I do. An still trying to get my warr farmer hitting a few million. But that seems hard. An none of my classes has any mystic properties. An the only one I’m really trying to build is the warr farmer. IMO it’s not that great but not that bad considering I’m winging it as I go. No Excel or writing of any kind. Could be where I’m messing up at thou.

Why trying to build a warrior farmer? Is that similar to fortune bringer? If yes, no need to aim for it to hit millions. What I do is have a full DPS hireling which is that build above. My warrior is my main with max luck, max gold find, item drops. All it do is sprint, charge for faster movement and whirwind to get the attention of monsters and not into my DPS hireling. Im tempted now to make warrior DPS because I got eternal travesty and eternal scorpio. Still torn between toss or WW build.

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you can replace blight by momentum (set affix) on your ring

ok thanks @darellleyesa, actually i had a Momentum set affix on my pet before but this newly found eternal pet is too good to pass :smiley:

Well the reason why in doing a warr farming build is 2 reasons. 1 it was my first char. 2 I wanted to make my own build. I like other pples builds . but what fun is it to copy everyone else. An I enjoy playing I use my taunt to draw the mobs in an boom. Earthshatter. Crit hit some times in the 10 mil Mark. Its still a work in progress. But I enjoy playing it. An really at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Well I updated my beginning war farming topic. If u wanna see what in got on it. Nothing fancy thou

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maybe put momentum, another damage multiplier coz you have adventurer ,
adventurer+momentum = great damage:D

I have those 2 already. Momentum, adventurer, rage, plagued, druidic, defiant and my eternal pet’s Fauns gift. Also have 99% glasscannon. I’m wondering why my range still stuck at 1m. Can u show as of your gears? Pinoy ka d ba? Heheh

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im just using 50%GS not 100% haha
i still cant dude haha pag na kompleto ko na share ko to :smiley:

Anong gs?


High APS weapon + Procs = bad idea

Shift to a low APS weapon kung gusto mo ng procs.

Or delete procs if you want to keep using a high APS weapon.

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Ay nako pinoy pala si ocenyx haha

Post q mga equips ko mga sir. Nalito na ako ano dapat gawin.

Bow is also a high APS weapon.

OK, basic maths:

Mythic Skill = 30% to cast Mythic Skill per second.

Bow (2-3 APS): ~10% to 15% to cast Mythic per Atk
Gun (5-8 APS): ~4% to 6% to cast Mythic per Atk

Hindi sulit yan kababayan :grin:

how was this computed?

is it not the other way around?

It says “per second”. It is as basic as Proc Chance divided by Attacks Per Second on the stat page.

You can see it for yourself. Equip a gun and shoot to oblivion. It should give almost no procs. Now, amber it to Meteor which has a ginormous cooldown. Almost every cast of meteor will trigger a proc.