Need build for ascending(either solo or hireling works?

So I came back to dq recently and decided to get my characters to max ascention but I dont have good xp build I’d very thankful if someone can help.

if going solo, 6 Quest stones for the xp, and farm floors 100-200, 100-110 is best, unless you need an item that drops on higher floors. (xp from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so higher floors just means tougher monsters for the same xp) you can go light on defense and crazy on damage. since you are on lower floors, it gives you time to test some ideas while Ascending that can help you later for farming and climbing floors. that’s what I did with my Wizard. started with 6 Legend Items, then crafted them when I had the Crystals & Myth Stones to improve the build. I tested lots of affix combinations and different Skills while getting xp for the Perks.

if you go with hireling, your choice is Ascend both at the same time, or keep Main at 99 while Ascending your Hireling through all the Perks. for 3 of my Characters, I used my Eternal Perk Wizard as a Main and the 3 Characters as Hirelings with only level 1 Gears. they were mostly defense & high HP with 6 Quest stones, while my Wizard did all the work. I only did it to get each of them to level 99 to use them for PVP, but the Idea still works for getting Hireling with all of the Perks.

you could Search :mag: Ascending Builds to see what others have done.

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I have my main wizard lvl 99 ascention 6
I know all what you said(still thanks for reminder because I had forgotten some details)
I was just curious about a build idea

I kind of recently finished Ascending a Rogue & Warrior Team using only Myth Stones on my Gears, having only a set of Level 1 Gears and Level 100 Gears.

I think between Perk 4 & 5, I took some of the MS off and replaced them with affixes on the Level 100 Gears.

here’s the Thread I posted on my Journey to Six Perks.