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Hi everyone, here is my dilema.
So I my main is Wizard and I have max its farming stats, so I mainly farm using only my main without hireling since it will decrease my overall farming stats.(because my hireling rouge dont have farming set yet)
So my question is whats the difference between farming solo with max stats vs farming with hireling also with max stats?

Maxing solo with a maxed luck farming build will get you the best pets and items in the game. You will need 1012% luck by equipping an epiphany set item and adding luck bonuses till it’s near 1012 %. Use hireling on legend and eternal maps because you will still reach 1012% for each character regardless. Hope that helps ?

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with Solo Farming, you have total control of what your Character is doing.

Farming with a Main & Hireling, there is a +100% Item Drop over Cap, but the Hireling is run by the A.I.

for Solo Farming, the more Farm Affixes you put on your Build, the less space you have for offense & defense, so there is a trade off of sorts.

for a Farm Team, you can load up your Main with as much Farm Affixes as you want, and load up your Hireling for attack. the Hireling does need Luck & Item Drop on it, but not Gold Find.

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Great idea to use hireling on legend and eternal maps only since I only max my main. Thanks

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What do you mean hireling does not need luck? I thought the total stats if you use hireling will be the average of the two.

@Alshadree ah just like my Farming Set.

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it says you need Luck & Item Drop on Hireling, but you don’t need Gold Find. when I was using a Hireling, I noticed that Gold Find Stat was weird, so I did some tests and found out that Gold Find on Main is counted, not on the Hireling. this was around 9 to 18 months ago when I did these tests.

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I agree with @Golem. That’s why I suggest only use hireling on legend or eternal maps where the caps are raised . I went hunting for Merlin’s imp at mythic 3 floor 500. I bagged the little bugger. But it was a legend or eternal map with a crushing flames hireling doing enough damage to be able to finish the map. Check out @CuzegSpiked crushing flames guide.

What version is that @Golem ? I already reached max stats on farming both on main and hireling but my damage is low, do you have any links to Farming for Wiz main and Rouge hireling?

I played for months and still no eternal pet drop :cry:

here is a good thread on getting Eternal Pets. further in the Thread, there is an update for 3.0.

for farming teams, just remember that you only need to have Luck & Item Drop on the Hireling, all other farm affixes you use need to be on the Main.

for more DMG, for the Main, since it has lots of space taken up for farming, survival would be second priority, and then DMG. if you have a lot of Sets for farming, see how much Crit DMG you can do, and maybe Glasscannon, since it can be rolled with Ruby, and figure out which Element you like to use best. for the Hireling, it will be doing most of the DMG, since only a few spaces are needed for farming. any attacks your Main has should be in support of the Hireling and maybe have some kind of CC. Characters that die make the game feel longer.

do a Search on farm teams or farm main and hireling. there are a lot of good Builds. if none of them are what you are looking for, they should give you a good idea of what would be good for what you do want.

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Thanks for the idea, I have formulated my farm team based on your suggestions, tho I need further improvements on my build. I will upload it here please give your comments on how to improve it

How can I improve?

for the Wizard:
if your Fortune Skill is at 40, you only need 3 +50% Item Drop on your Gears. if they not max, just reroll with Ruby until it is maxed.
use Greed & Luck Natures to get your Luck & Gold Find to Cap, this will open some space on your Gears also. Fortune 40 gives +100% Gold Find, Luck, & Item Drop, so you will end up doing some math to see where you can save on space.
change Focus Talent to Sorcery. this will double your Poison DoT, which will double your Toxic DoT, which will get doubled by all that Blight.
change your Genesis Imp’s Element to Poison. that way you have +20% Poison & +15% Toxic. your Build is Poison, not Fire. :wink:
any space you open up by taking off Luck, Gold Find, & Item Drop, put in Dodge, because you are going to need it for the next change.
this Build will eventually go up to floor 500ish. the points in Health need to go to Mana & Power. up to you how much of which. that is why you need some Dodge. only put 4 points in Strength, to Heal your HP if you run into a monster with Thorns. 20 each in Dexterity, Intelligence, Fortune, & Skull Shield. the rest wherever you need them.
since you don’t want your Wizard to get hit, take the Terrashaper Set off the Imp and put Dodge there instead, unless you have a Build for the Imp later. take the +20% ED off instead and replace it with Dodge.

for the Rogue: I guess it is the Hireling?
the Eternalized Set doesn’t work on Hirelings. only on Main Character.
Epiphany Bonus needs +70% Attack Speed on the Build to activate the +70% DMG. the problem is that this Build isn’t really good for using Attack Speed, let alone enough to activate the Bonus.
Pick Up Radius doesn’t work on Hirelings. the Main picks up everything, unless there is a Hound to pick up Gold.
change the Element of your Scout Pet from Poison to Ice.
Crushing Flames Set requires Crushing Blow & Fire. your Build doesn’t have Fire. you could add Ascendant Set or change one of your Weapons to fire or replace Crushing Flames Set with something else.
change your Dextrous Talent to the one that gives Deadly Strike. you don’t have enough Dodge for it.
Mutilate Talent only works if there is a Skill with Multi Attack (like Quick Attack), or you have Multi Attack and/or Extra Attack Chance on your gears. change it to that one next to it that makes your Boomerang return faster. Celerity?
take Lacerate off the Scout and put +15% Crit Chance. Lacerate is Warrior Talent only, and all that Crit DMG & Deadly Strike is getting wasted without any Crit Chance.
Hireling doesn’t need any Gold Find on it.
you don’t need all that Health, put your Stat Points into Power & Mana instead, as needed. which is why you need Dodge.
Skills should be 4 in Strength to Heal when you meet monsters with Thorns. 20 in Dexterity, Intelligence, Fortune, and the rest where you need it. use Luck Natures to get your Luck to Cap to open up space on your Gears for Dodge, and Attack Speed if you think you can get it to +70%.
I would suggest, that since you don’t need the Abiding Ring, get a Loop of Epiphany instead. this way you can get another Head item and don’t have to worry about putting lots of Attack Speed on your Gears.

hope this helps. sorry for so many changes.

@Golem sensei this helps alot :heart_eyes: this will greatly help me to improve my build :blush: I knew something was wrong thanks for the guidance, you guys are the real MVP :muscle::muscle:


I will do everything you said :blush: Men I need to learn alot more. My combinations on equipments are cheap hahahahaha… I’m playing for more than 2 months and this is my accomplishment so far, this may be slow but I’m glad I’m making progress :grin: Eternal next target :fire::fire:

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I was the same way. I learned as I played. I actually was a Lurker in the Forums for a few months before I got an account, so I read a lot that helped with my Crafting in the early game. I actually didn’t play DQ seriously until I read something about getting experience for leveling up, and then Patch 3.0 came out, and I decided to Ascend for all 6 Perks. I was really motivated to make a great Ascending Build to get the Perks as fast as possible. since I didn’t have any Quest Stones, my Ascending Build looked more like a Farm Build at first, but that was good because I got some good loot to change affixes towards Ascending instead.

and I am still learning. I just had a great idea for my Golems Ultimate Farm Build again. my sixth or seventh one. and I think I might have discovered how to make a Wizard DoT Master.

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Btw what is the cap for exp%? I got 230%

+200% Cap for Experience on Gears. +250 with Epiphany (5). when using a Hireling, there is an extra +100% Experience added for the team above Cap, but the total is averaged between the Main & Hireling and is affected by any level difference between the two. the bigger the difference in levels, the bigger the penalty, with the Character with the lower level getting the bigger penalty and the one with the higher level with a smaller penalty.

Experience from Difficulty Level, Shrines, Shop Experience Boost, and Monster Experience Affix are not counted towards the Cap but are all multiplying the Experience you get.