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Hi everybody
in advance, greetings
I’ve been playing dungeon quests for a long time, I’m not a member of the official forum, I just joined turned out to be fun too,I can listen to a lot of things here
I’m getting tired of farming, I want to try playing in the arena, because I only have 1 character slot and from the start I used the Rouge character
I was inspired by several seniors in this forum who shared some of their great work bout rouge

I’m interested in making a rouge gunner, but I’m still unsure about the calculations I wrote on the paper… I don’t want to waste a lot of dust and crystals, So I wrote it down on paper first
maybe there is a little advice from you seniors in the arena especially for those of you in the upper division please listen any suggestions for the doodle below? and what is the reason?

Im not sure Alchemy will work with Harmony,so i need for ask here
thank you


Alchemy does work with Harmony. the downside to using these with Equality is that the bigger the difference between Health & Mana on the Stat Page, the lower your damage and regen boost with Equality.

when Health & Mana is the same, 100/100, you get the full +7.5% per Rank. 100/50 or 50/100, you get +3.75% per Rank.

if you are using Sets or affixes that make it hard to equalize your Health & Mana, use Equivalence Mythic instead. it gives a 65% damage reduction & Resource Cost (based on your current HP & MP %) instead of extra damage, plus it automatically equalizes your Health & Mana values on the Stat Page no matter what your HP & MP modifiers are on your Gears. this makes it easier to use Equality Set, and Harmony works will with that also.

depending on what you want for your PVP Build, you will have to make some tough choices.

welcome to DQ Forums @TinkerBell !


welcome bro
If allowed, I will answer your curiosity about the scribbles on the paper but with my little idea to change a few affixes which I think are not suitable for use in Arena
This is what I think is more suitable for use in the arena
see items below,please
Original item and crafted for optional way

if you don’t mind, I’ll make 1 for you now, by chance there are remaining gems from farming I will share the results here before you, many predecessors who created extraordinary masterpieces about rouge pistols, they have retired and left traces so that we can make new history

For OH : bcoz you using Aethereal drain,you need “execute dmg(red)” instead demonic set
you are very careful, I know the reason why you use the Aethereal drain set, apart from saving slots for flat MP, you also get an Elemcrit Chance even though it is small, with this set you only need 1 slot for flat MP and the amount is equal to HP and even morel
Am i wrong?:sweat_smile:
For Vest : you dont need “Double strike(red)” bcoz it chance,not come true than change to “Push the limit(red)”
“double strike” might be similar to crit rate, I think but “push the limit” is absolutely additional damage with added cast costs
For ring : it’s up to you
What you want you can fill it with “push the limit(red)” “elemcritdmg(ruby)” “multi atk(zenith) deadly strike(death)” or other
but here Im using “dmg to elite” from the Oaken Brand(Warrior) ring from the reason,why ? You will not see if you dont try this on your own build :grin:


@ELYSEUM oh great,can we talk close?

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Whats your nickname ? @ELYSEUM ?

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Sorry,i will share here
This is the result

I’ve tested in arena

And i meet my secondary account

Overall, this build is sufficient to withstand Passive Torrents from the “Cerebral Vortex” set, a good point
besides that it also has “Atk speed” which is enough to cause the “Paralyzed” effect to stun opponents from the “Aethereal drain” set
most other players might use “Berserker Copper(warrior OH)” and “Permafrost bonus” for unlimited cast, but I think “druidic bonus” is better than “permafrost”, because of the regen effect in both, also focus on HP regeneration
I had thought about stopping playing dungeon quests, I also had time to leave one of the gun builds but it’s more for damage, not a balanced set like this, you can see it in my last post
apparently this game still makes me curious to tinker and waste my rest time after working all day :joy: wtf So I decided to stay active even though not too often

So,hope you like this


won’t it lack mana? you got Eathereal Drain which removes regeneration including Mana.


@Kirby1 don’t worry, druidic bonus+equality+harmony+Alchemy makes the passive Aethereal drain effect not working (remove mp regen), as long as the amount of HP and MP is not much different, then in the Arena the HP and MP bars will be balanced and fully charged
if the difference is half between HP and MP, for example 100HP and 50MP then in the arena the HP bar is only filled with 90/100 and the full MP bar doesn’t move, this even though you use aethereal drain, it will stay like that, because the druidic bonus works for HP regen,Alchemy is HP and MP in 1 resource, but HP is still HP and MP is still MP, not like bloodmagic
aethereal drain thwarts MP regeneration only, doesn’t cancel HP regeneration
If you play in Arena 2 vs 2 , you will know rouge richochet belongs to Legend “Kachan” the HP bar is only 60/100 while the MP bar is fully charged, it’s actually similar to the immortal system, but this is a cast spell version that has no limits

In my craft it have 76.0k HP anr 79.9k mana


Thank you

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I have Tried using Drudic bonus, Harmony+Alchemy with aethereal drain but still runs out of resources I guess something is wrong with my Build​:sweat_smile::joy:


You are welcome @TinkerBell
Waiting for your toon in arena :sunglasses:

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I hope this video answers your curiosity @Kirby1 Dungeon Quest - Google Drive


I’ve tested
But not enough strong agains battlemage with high Ressist

Nice pet btw


You must try ricochet burst dmg
I’ve tested to this guy “Kachan’s” battlemage,and its work
I meet with other great battlemage like

They are a great player,but if you only battle AI its under your control
Depend to the user how as good as he can to take it to control his AI


@ELYSEUM wow, awesome! how do you get big damage when you only have that much power?
I tried to make Ricochet burst damage, but every time I encounter a battle mage, the incoming damage does not exceed 250k DPS, while when testing it with Dummy it can reach 800k-1.1M DPS,I’ve already proven it when I entered the eternal div3, and met these 3 people Incoming damage only reaches 130k-150k when critical this is a screenshot of their damage reduction

I dont know why🤒

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if what you meet in the arena are tankers like them, it’s not because the damage from your Ricochet isn’t great , but because their defense is
so great, lucky in 1 round you can beat them. you still haven’t met Laxus’s tanker, and other legendary tankers, the top division is very hard… just enjoy it bro :sweat_smile:

@Golem can answer your question bout damage prevented

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:blush: x :100: .

the Testing Dummy is random, so you never know how good or bad it’s defense really is versus your offense.

@ELYSEUM is correct, many Players have learned how to get high Defense with high Damage Reduction and Resistance, and sometimes high Armor. @Mr_Scooty shared a Wizard Build that had 172.4k All Resist before it went into the Battle Arena.

this build was nerfed when the Mod’s changed MP Absorb to not work with Alchemy Resource (MP Absorb also doesn’t work with Blood Magic). but it still has a ton of All Resist.

what they do is take low damage at the cost of doing low damage to others. the way they win is that, every round that is a Draw, damage for both sides goes up 25%. so if you can survive by running around or with good defense, eventually you can kill them, or their low damage can eventually kill you faster than you can heal.

I’ve gone up against a few Tanks, and it takes a few Rounds to kill them, if they don’t kill me first.

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I personally have been experimenting with build tankers for a long time, since early 2019 until now playing I still haven’t found the right recipe to make a strong and balanced Tanker
this is the status i got

It wont work

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I know what you mean. I think that most Players make PVP Builds that either have high defense and low offense, or low defense and high offense. Balanced Builds in PVP end up getting hammered from both sides.

then you have Crowd Control to think about, and Builds with good Trinkets.

hmm, now that I think about it, most of the PVP Builds I have Crafted were Balanced PVP Builds.

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