Need help for Archer and Warrior build

Need some help with the build, I am struggling with my warrior and archer. They are both ascended once but my highest dmg is 2.5m on a hit. I’m at flr 210 using sword and horn for my warrior and archer with her bow and trap. I always die with 2 hits for the archer and thorns for the warrior.

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Can you share your heroes gear. I can try to examine them then give my opinion on what to add/remove. Alright?

One more thing I would like to add. How to get glasscannon affix? And is there an eternal item with crystal affix?

  1. You lack two “+2 All Set” Affix which is a very vital part of midgame - endgame builds. It can be acquired by getting the very rare Legends Nadroji Crystal/Stone of Nadroji accesories(both of them have that affix) and/or socketing Elixer Mythstone into a Ring/Necklace which will grant +2 All Set affix. My advice is farm the accesories by killing +Epic rarity enemies, but if you have already obtained 2 Elixer then feel free to use them instead.

  2. Get better Offensive Gears/Affix for your DPS. Your usual DPS is your hireling and you want to give that hero the most effective way of taking down enemies faster. My Rogue for example utilizes Ice Scattershot with Permafrost and Frozen that has a decent clearspeed when paired with Crit Chance, Crit Dmg, Deadly Strike alot of +5000 Element/Weapon Dmg(basically any affix that translates to “This will kill you faster” will help you climb floors.

  3. Stay away from affixes with drawbacks unless you really know what you are doing. Your Meliodas Sword has a drawback of -50% damage until you equipped all 7DS gears, until then it will just hinder your clearspeed. As do affixes like Glasscannon and Push the Limit where you get a boost of damage at the cost of losing something else. I am not saying that they are a bad affix, but using glasscannon on a rogue who takes less than 3 hits to take down is not a good idea.

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There are certain legends that has Glasscannon affix already in them but I am not certain if that affix is obtainable thru Ruby Crystals. Can anyone can confirm this?

Yes they exist but at a very low chance.
Getting Eternalized Set Affix gives you better chance of upgrading Legends into its Eternal version.
Getting Crystalline Set Affix gives you better chance of upgrading a specific Epic Affix from Legends/Eternal into its Crystal version.

Nice feed on that dude. I’m still at flr 210 and the rarest mythstone that I have is master. Is the +2 all set obtainable via ruby? Right now I have 4 rubies and I don’t have any use for them. I will try to build around what you have on your archer with my archer.

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Only the Final Mythstone Elixer can give +2 All Set affix unfortunately.

If you have the time, you can make a Hunter Ring to increase the rate at which you fight Rare enemies which also increases the likelihood of Nadroji Accesories dropping. Here is an old guide I made about epic mob hunting. Hope this helps: LK_Stradmore Hunting Epic Mobs trick

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Oh cool, thanks for the pdf brad. Should I ditch my bloodmagic or not? What’s the best resource system that I should adapt?

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You might have to ditch it if you can get the superior Stone of Nadroji but if you really reallly like Bloodmagic Mythic, you can either wait for Elixer and add it into your Amulet or add Bloodmagic in your Stone of Nadroji if you so choose. Any resource system will do just fine, but I have a personal bias for Bloodmagic because it synergizes with Masochism(pay life to attack with bloodmagic, masochism gives you dmg if you are damaged)

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Thanks for the tip, now I have a goal, the masochism set. At what floor should I farm the Nadroji set? Is it possible to replace a set affix?

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Minimun Floor to hunt nadroji: +100 Mythic 3
Only Epic mobs like Cartographer, Enslaver, Shrine Champion and Floor Bosses(if not on a map) are the only ones that has a chance to drop nadroji. Dont assume and expect all ring and amulet dropped by epic mobs are nadroji. There is a reason why they are called Rare Legends.

Can a set affix be removed? Yes with Kyanite.
Can a set affix be added? Yes with Amethyst as long as the gear you are using Amethyst has no other set affix.

There are restrictions though as some set affix will not appear on the selection list no matter how much you try. Some of them are Nadroji, Defiant, Maelstrom, Gladiator, etc.


Guess I’ll just equip hunter ring and ascend my characters to use the enshrined perk. Thanks for the info and help. Have a good day.

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Good day to you as well :smiley:

I almost forgot to tell you about my rogue build that you wanted to try right?

Heres my build, its not the most effective build compared to the others but this is the one I use.

Glasscannon can be rolled with Ruby.

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