Need help for my nub build

Hey guy’s, i just started a new rogue and i would like to know if my actual build is good. Actually i’m at floor 220 and i would like to know if i can upgrade it or change for a better one if you have some tips it would be helpful.

BTW : My damage is from 14k to 500m with WhirlingBlade.

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And i would like to know how to have a blue cyan item if it’s a drop or a craft


You can craft it with the obsidian jewel or if you wear an item from the Chrystalline set you can occasionally find one killing monsters for loot and even buying legend items from vendor. But you will need lots of luck affixes.

I have no Chrystalline stuff and no obsidian jewel. is it hard to find Chrystalline stuff ? BTW, are you able to help on my build right here ?

Haunting Set: check the Stat Page and see if any of your Skills have Cool Downs of 5 seconds or longer. if not, your Haunting Set isn’t going to work.

Deadly Arts Set: if you don’t have Deadly Strike on your Build anywhere, you don’t get any DMG Reduction or chance to finish all Cool Downs on Deadly Strike.

for the rest of the Build, ask yourself, is it doing what I want it to do? if it’s a Farm Build, is it bringing in lots of Loot? if it is an Ascending Build, is it bringing in lots of Experience? if it needs to slay monsters, is it doing enough Damage or does it have enough DPS? when monsters try to slay me, is my Defense good enough? and do I have the Correct Defense for the floors I am on?

Crystalline Items: any Legend or Eternal Item with an Affix on the Crystal Affix List has a small chance to become a Crystal Legend or Crystal Eternal Item. Luck, Crystalline Set, & Treasured Perk improve your chances of finding Crystal Items. Luck, Crystalline Set, and farming floor 500-510 of any difficulty level give the best chances of finding Obsidian, the Crystal used to roll Crystal Affixes onto an Item. you can convert Legend Items to Crystals for a small chance for getting Obsidian, convert Eternal or Crystal Items for a better chance for getting Obsidian, or convert lower Crystals to higher Crystals until you get Obsidian.


Well said @Golem

So here i should change my Taosheng of the Blessed.
Should i change other things ?
Do you think that there is Mythics items that i could use ?
Is it possible to change the set affix ?

Sorry for my english

You could add mythic words to all your items. For chest sure shot or skilled. You may want hunter or effective for ring. Harmony for hat. As for weapons I suggest you experiment but don’t choose cyclone on main hand. It’s crap. If you choose enigma on your off hand weapon you may teleport into trouble with a pack of monsters every time you attack.

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Thanks for this tip, but how to put the red and green affix on mythic item ? My only mythic is like that

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@Golem is replying now. Pay attention. :face_with_monocle:

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I do :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Oh when you find an elixir or two socket them into your ring and amulet for 4 all sets. Other than that it’s a very good build as a newcomer. Well done. Impressive

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@dickwad Ahah, thanks you. Hum, i dont understand the “for 4 all set” part. Can you explain ? My english is not perfect sorry

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When you get four sets then any set item becomes 5 all sets which is powerful so you can have different sets for every item and get 5 rather than having just one set stacked eg periphery. You would only need one periphery item or two to get the same as you have now. It gives you options :sunglasses:

Arf, it’s hard to understand… If i have 4 different set affix, they are obligately level 5 ?

I’m sorry :sob: it’s hard for me to understand i’m french…

Ruby for Legend (Red) Affixes. Amethyst for Set (Green) Affixes. Obsidian for Crystal (Cyan) Affixes. Angelite for random Normal (Yellow) or Epic (Orange) Affixes. Topaz for Epic (Orange) Affixes.

if you don’t have any Amethyst, then you need a different item with a useful Set Affix on it. or just use Kyanite to take Deadly Arts off and replace it with another Affix, even if it is only an Epic Affix. the other affixes look pretty good until you decide to change them or want a new item entirely.

before putting Mythic Affixes on any of your items, wait until you learn a little more, because making Mythic Items can get expensive, and if you make something you don’t like or that doesn’t work, that can get frustrating. also, a Mythic that works good with one Build might not work that good with another Build.

when I started Ascending for Perks, I didn’t put any Mythic Affixes on my Build until after my second or third Perk, because I didn’t have any room for them, they were hard to find the Myth Stones I needed to make them, and I wasn’t sure which ones I wanted to use or that would go well with the Build I was slowly Crafting to be a better Build.

haha, @dickwad & @kowiz , replace that Ring with a Nadroji Ring. that has a +2 All Sets. with the one on the Choker, you will have +4 All Sets. right now you have 3 Periphery with +2 All Sets with gives you Periphery (5). with the +2 from Nadroji, you will have Periphery (7). 8 is the Cap for Set Affixes, +4 is the Cap for +All Sets. you can get a Nadroji Ring killing Epic+ (Orange, Red, or Purple) monsters on floors past 100 of any difficulty. you will have different affixes than the ones on the Ring you are using, but this is a good learning experience.


1 periphery + 2 elixirs gives you 5
to periphery which you have now.

@Golem Ok so actually, what i should do is change the Deadly Arts affix for a better one, do you have one that you can advise me ? And thanks for the crystal tips poorely i dont have Amethyst…

So what i should do here is change the affix Deadly Arts and find a Nadroji Ring ?

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How on earth as a French speaker do you write such perfect English… Oh a translation program ? :face_with_monocle:

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