Need help with my first pvp build

Planning on making my first pvp-build, with fire+bleed, a mh mythic (atm cosmicorb, think its best for damage and aoe ) and celebral vortex ( a must in this meta ). Dont have many resources atm so its mostly theorycrafting, epic affixes on my chakram are just for adding a crystal affix atm.
Planning on using the items below if they are viable, so i think i got to use a nadroji ring for set bonus.
Need some suggestions for set and crytal affixes aswell as things like multiattack or what attack to use, just normal chakram throw or some ambered special attack? And resource system and chest mythic ?

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You will need INFERNO set , + ED on all items , 500-600% elemental crit , blink strike proc or enigma myth . Dont worry for mana just Use blood magic myth and chest ruptured

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: got inferno on pet

Lol my bad. Add 10k hp from topaz on 3-4 items too , Try to get pathfinder set For crystal affix try to use only Total HP, Dodge, Block, Luck ( this one only if you have faunts gift set) , push the limit affix to boost your power

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Thanks for the tips. What about critchance and damage ? None of these as crystal?

I think crit dmg and crit chance is good for PVE, in pvp is useless for me . I like more hp and decent power , when you get eternal div 1 you will fight vs others players with +150k hp

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If your using Rogue make it a tank-blink type. If it is a Bleed Type or DoT Type it is good at low League but when you’re at Eternal League Top Division or when you are Offline and setup as AI, your are nothing against 120% Perseverance = 0 DMG to all DoT/Bleeds…

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By the way dont use eternal items/gears… so you can setup your gears and change some affixes…

Try to ask @SilentKiller he is the only Warrior in Eternal Division 1 with highest Power and the NEW Top 1 in Arena. Ask some tips to him. :blush:

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Just got an eternal unreal hood with 99.6% mythology, could this be a good replacement of the hat?

Eternal unreal hoods are always viable arena gear however I would suggest saving one with such good rolls for a fun PvE build instead :smile: :+1:

What character will you use and what kind of fighting styles you want? I can refer some imba players here. Like @Griffin012 he is the best when it comes to Manashield Wizard :grin::grin::+1::+1::+1: Punch till you die… There is a pagr here were you can see some greatest builds of all time just take a look at it.

If you want to create your own meta you will have a hard time in practicing your meta in PvP…But anyways goodluck :blush:

P.S. It is better to not use that Eternal UnrealHood in PvP… So can save slots for other Affixes. :grin:

Mythology items actually gives you more than 6 affixes as you can get prefect rolled affixes you want if you are lucky. 3 doubled epic affixes and on top of that you have mythic affix, and mythic skill damage boost. Very viable in every build that can afford one less set affix and if epic affixes rolled good. Epic eternal affixes are similarly strong as Crystal affixes.

Ok thanks, looking to make a rouge with the chakram i posted above , gonna amber special to blinkstrike and add some blinkstrike proc maybe.
Then im gonna use smokescreen for more survivabilty and movement together with blinkstrike, which will proc cosmicorb.And cerebral vortex with a decent amount of hp. Could a build like this go eternal league?

Every build with cerebral vortex and hp to not get one shoot by everything can go eternal

@Msiiek how much leech and in which form (1000 on hit or 1% on hit ) would you recommend to survive with 1 reflect damage ?

It depends on how much hp you have. % leech is better from Crystal hp on hit above ~60k hp. I use 2 mythstones now and I feel less is to weak and more is a waste of affix.

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Any ideas how to improve besides the bloodmagic fail on the ring (it was made before i got the hood but since there are no useful headmyths for this build i had to do resourcemythic ), gonna replace it with 10000 hp when i hav enough crystals to make a new one and what to put in 3rd slot of the hood?

Btw playstyle is using blinkstrike and smokebomb to trigger cosmicorb and stay close to the enemy and dodge cv with vault if needed

Maybe i should use dicordance for cdr cuz the current playstyle is blink bomb boomerang and if that doesnt kill the enemy i hav to jump around with vault

Working pretty well, currently stuck at 1600, mainly loosing against hackers