Need help

Hello guys! I am new in DQ and I would greatly appreciate if you would give me some guides for fast farming in warrior class. I’ve played for 2 weeks and I would like to have my farming to be fast and handy. I also have HP issues my hero would just easily die. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Put all sets everywhere. I can’t really help you because I play wizard

If you go to the dungeon quest discord, there is a PVE knights fortune build however, it is moderately expensive. There are many build on these forums if you spend a little bit of time searching. Also, before you are going to be able to make an actual build, you are going to have to farm a bit on your own to gather the resources to make it.Poison Knightscharge Warrior Farming Build with Hireling - Mythic 3 lvl 600 with Epiphany

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