Poison Knightscharge Warrior Farming Build with Hireling - Mythic 3 lvl 600 with Epiphany

Here is the build im using to farm with my warrior.

What you get?

  • Max Luck% (cap is 1012) and Item Drop % (cap is 350)
  • Eternalized and Crystalline Sets
  • Nadroji Set with Nadroji 100% enemy rarity bonus (more rare enemies = more legends :slight_smile: )
  • Nice clearing time (you sometimes need to go back to pickup items :smiley: )

But, you won’t get maxed gold find. I felt it’s not important becouse id does not change that much, and you have this new ascension perk that gives nice amount of gold. You can try to cap it, but you may really struggle to deal with Epic+ monsters if they are alone.

What you also need is a hireling with maxed farming stats and epiphany (5) set item. With that you are able to max out easier you luck and item drop together with bringing up 100% bonus item drop%. Also take 20 points into hero skill fortune for your hireling.

Items im using:

Glinting Hammer from drop, past floor 350 mythic 3.

Insolence from drop, past floor 200, from epic+ monsters.

Nadroji’s Robe from drop, past floor 200, from epic+ monsters with at least epic difficulty.

Boundless Cap from drop, past floor 350, mythic 3.

Loop of Epiphany from drop, past floor 600 with at least epic difficulty. It is wizard exclusive item.

Nadroji’s Crystal from drop, past floor 100 from epic+ monsters.

Pet is really nice, but you **only :smiley: ** need the pet to have a set affix of Faun’s Gift or Plagued.

Hero powers:

Take 20 into Fortune, then 20 into Knightscharge. Then you should go for both Intelligence/Strength and the Dexterity last.

Talents (feel free to change them to what you like more):

Might for damage buff.
Clense to remove stun/freeze if you happen to get cought by them and don’t want to look how your hero is dying it will help. Other option is phalanx for 40% damage reduction (shieldwall).
Zealous for move speed and damage buff.
Wrath to destroy every chest/barrel/box around you and whatever container you see. This will get you imps (they drop 3x legend items) fairly often.

Natures: 4x luck to cap luck and 2x elements for damage buff. You can also pick 2x death to cap crit chance at 75% see below.


I’ve left one + pickup radius to help me with gathering the loot, feel free to change it for your needs.
Sets are obvious choice, plagued for survivability and poison damage buff and faun’s gift for pure survivability. Rest are the farming sets.
Crystal affixes - 2x crit dmg to cap it at 437.5 they don’t need to be perfect to cap crit dmg. 1x crit chance + 1x epic crit chance to have it almost at 75% cap. 75% bonus hp and 45% block for more survivability. I choose block becouse it’s stronger than dodge (30% vs 45%).


Just run with Knightscharge trough monsters and they will die. If you don’t like that skill you can go for whirlwind, but it’s move speed is much slower. If you have slight touble killing legend/mythic enemy, taunt them to pack of mosters and they will die or just continue your driving trough the mosters while the poison cloud with poison dot is killing them.

If you feel you will survive and not get KO from legend/mythic enemies you can swap crystal total hp% for whatever you want (for example 225% gold find) or you can also switch stats from hp to power.

Map with pack size take approx 3-4 minutes. In below example there will be 2 runs with the first one with mythic enemy. I got lucky with blue shrine that made me almost immune to damage, but without it you need to be careful for those bombs on the ground, they really hurt. Also if you happen to get those snake mythic enemies, GOOD LUCK! :smiley: They are really hard to fight with melee character if they have those red ground bombs too.
Here is the example of Gameplay

Note: after playing for a bit it can go even up to 600 floor for epiphany drop, but 750 floor with hireling doing nothing is too much trouble. You can still one shot Mythic enemies at 750 floor, but you need to lure nice amount of monster to him for Plagued set to make him die.

Feel free to comment and criticize :smiley: Help me improve this :smiley:


Lol you bringing up that hireling Wizard doing nothing. Cool :smile:

He was there only for farming stats :wink:

Essentially a fortune bringer type build. As long as it works, its fine. Congrats on your build btw :slight_smile: .

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Yes, Inspired by that, especially the luck % with epiphany. Just added Nadroji bonus for more magic/rare enemies and nice amounts of pickup radius to help with picking up loot.


Yeah probably :smile: Ephipany really goes well this days :grinning:

I tried fortune bringer. Yes it does work but it requires a hirling to also have farming stats. It wasn’t the original intent of the fortune brunger anyways because the original intent was to have hirling deal pure dmg and fortune bringer have every farm affix as @cronos4321 wanted. However, it won’t work like that when I built it so @Msiiek builds is correct. However its still a fortune bringer especially with the new patch but more loots regardless of the changes.

Epiphany ftw :slight_smile:


How he get this ? i can’t find any Oh weapon with this set (Faun’s Gifts )* in codex

Just use amethyst crystal to change the Set affix of Defiant to Faun’s Gifts

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I guess this too but i think this can’t happen if this not in codex ^^; Thanks.

NP dude glad to help.

Hi, how i can obtain the poison damage %,vía Ruby,i need wear a ítem with this affix? Because i try to add this affix,but nothing happens,only affixes,example procs,glasscanon,ítem drops,ignore resist

Its not obtainable by crystal roll, u have to loot it

If i have this affix in a ítem i wear,for example a loop of ephiphany,and use it a long time,and this ítem was sealed,i can roll this affix? How roll in you buil this affix in all ítems(MH,OH,chest,Helm,etc)

No. You cant roll legend ed% dmg, whatever the circumstance is

Hmm this build using the dealer perk gives me an idea to completely ignore gold find… Dealer gives you lots of gold and maxing luck/item quantity makes dealer even more useful as a gold resource

Yeah sometimes it’s fine to ignore gold find and if you need gold, a simple gold only cheap farm build with pure DMG hirling or solo is enough. Obviously adding high enough item drops % to really benefit with gold find, Luck.

Luck however is very much more important to unlock legends for dust as well as Eternals for crystal converting and dust salvaging.