Need help

Hi guys… i just want to ask how can i put mythic affixes in item? I really dont understand the way of mythstones build… hope you can help me thanks a lot

Use kyanite to create 4 empty spot on any items. Then use zircon to add 4 empty sockets on your item.

Put 4 mythstone in the right orders to create mythic affix. I can’t find the formula for mythic affix in this forum atm.

Just tell me which mythic affix you want to add, I will post you the formula.

You can always unlock the formula by using more and more mythstone.

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Okay thanks a lot i got it now

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another way of getting items with Sockets is to find them with 4 Sockets. builds with high Luck, or a Farm Build are way to do it. also, if you don’t have any Zircon Crystals, it costs lots of Gold to upgrade lower Crystals to higher ones, so a build with Gold Find or a Farm Build will help a lot.