Need suggestions (wiz)

Hi im trying to do a build to climb floors and farm at The same time im Rolling with some kind of poison Rain build.
I have alot of leg but not Much eternal in bank char. My current build has.
Pandemic of elements /mh
(5)plagued, 90% blight
19% poison dmg, 91 wepon dmg
20% storm proc, 15 toxic.
Necronic grim/oh
(5)plagued, 24storm proc
91 blight, 14 toxic, 25%total hp
Helmer crown of elements
(3)ascendent, 550 all resist, 21 orb proc
4 all elements,18 poison dmg.

Body dental.
(3)identitet, 2mp per hit, 22 earth shatter proc
8 stengrillen, 20 res cost, 9storm.
Ring / Chaos.
(5) plagued, 83 blight, 23 storm proc,
19%poison dmg, 10 summon, 14 toxic.
Amulet/ nadrojis chrystal

(3)nadrojis, 2+set nummers, +3 all talents,
+3all skills, 23 total HP, 66,6%luck.
Tell me if u can inprove or if i should try some other build that works at my stage, and also if any tips where to put skillpoints currently i have most on storm and str/int. Thanks!

This is my build

40 affix in skull shield. Sometimes does 9 billion damage with legend additions.

My hireling when using has these

How do you get all those purple legendary?

Myth stone words . Check your codex. If you put the right mystones in the right 4 sockets item you get the mythic. Example is hero, protest, endow and queSt in your main weapon gives you apocalypse

Ooh Will try out, thanks, just it seems like ur really good att The game do u have any tips on how to get those socket crystals? I just combine for feat for rare crystals x)

Just keep climbing the floors. After floor 100 zircons ( sockettinget crystals ) are dropped more

sockets: you can find items with 4+ sockets already on them. not very often, but they do drop. converting lower tier crystals to higher tier crystals until you get enough to have 4 sockets on an item is another way, but you need gold to convert. it takes 2 lower tier crystals to get the next higher one, and if you have a higher tier one to get a lower tier one, it is 1 higher to get the next 1 lower. you can also convert items into crystals, but that is also costing gold. then there is buying the crystals in the shop, but that is more gold.
as you can see, you will need a lot of gold, unless you are very lucky in getting the crystals and myth stones you need to make a Mythic.
also, if you are putting a Mythic on an item you already have, you need to take off 4 affixes to make room for the sockets.
some items have 3+ affixes that can only be gotten from an item drop (Legend Affixes, like weapon damage 200%), so you will have to make some difficult decisions, and when the Mythic is created, filling in the empty spaces with other affixes, which means more crystals and myth stones.
by the way, are you Ascending for Perks? or just farming and climbing? if you want to have your build help you with farming, gold find, luck, and the Fortune skill/affix are what you need. sure, they take up space, but it forces you to be creative in putting in other affixes that do damage/defense enough for you to climb without dying too much. and the gold find and luck help you get loot that helps you to make better farming/climbing builds.
when you get a chance, do a search on farm builds. there are a bunch of them, and some of them are farming/climbing type builds.


That works for me lol :wink:

You can add acendant + arcanist

Thanks helps alot but if i have a rare item with 4 sockets worth making mytic? And if i got 4 sockets and still have some affix does it still work? :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

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the more affixes you put on an item, the higher tier it is. if you have a normal item with no affixes, and start putting more affixes on it, it will go from Normal (grey) to Magic (blue) to Rare (yellow) to Epic (orange). if you use the 4 sockets on the item to make it a Mythic item, it will become Mythic (purple). the 4 sockets will become 1 Mythic affix, leaving you with 5 more spaces to fill in. if you had 4 sockets and 2 other affixes, you would have the Mythic and 2 affixes, and 3 spaces to fill.
just so you know, when you take affixes off of an item, it reverses, going from Epic to Normal, depending on how many affixes you remove.

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Yeh ive noticed that, made my first purple ring now, but this Green items then? They r crafted or droped? Was looking for that eternalized and “of luck” items :stuck_out_tongue:

green are Eternal Legend items. all affixes are doubled, but they can’t be crafted or edited, unless they have sockets in them, then you can put sockets in them. they are drops, or you can use dust to get them in the Codex. that of luck is the items nature. if you look in the Codex, under Natures, there is a list of 8 or 10 natures, and what they do. there is a crystal that you can use to change the nature of an item, but I don’t think it works on Eternal items.
there are a few things you can use on them, change their element or class, and put myth stones in sockets if they are on the Eternal item, but most crystals can’t be used on them.


Only two eternal items can be crafted… The fabled and unreal.

For example

Then use a jasper if you want to convert it to other classes

Another example :slight_smile:

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